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CALL TO ACTION: Help a friend in need. Also, EIN National Working Group Calendar


I was on a Zoom call Tuesday, Jan. 31, when a text from Kathy Mann vibrated my phone. "My house is on fire. Pray," the message read. I whispered a prayer. Afterward, Kathy told me she and husband Rick's house was still standing but unlivable. She had heard explosions and looked up to see her ceiling turning black and smoke curling down the walls.

Kathy rushed outside while calling the fire department. Firefighters arrived within ten minutes and saved the structure, but the roof is gone and her smoke-damaged home won't be livable for up to 8 months.

Anyone who has attended an MFE Zoom at Noon knows Kathy. She provides Basecamp training, leads the Operations Committee, and serves as our technology administrator/guru. She and I have been friends for more than 20 years.

We owe these two a debt of gratitude, and now they need our help. Margie Gillean, MFE Leaders Leader, set up this account to accept donations. I hope you'll help:

Thank you,


You are invited to sign up and attend these terrific national working groups.

Tues., Feb 7

Wed., Feb 8

Thurs., Feb 9

Tues., Feb 14

Wed., Feb 15

Thurs., Feb 16

Tues., Feb 21

Wed., Feb 22

Thurs., Feb 23

Tues., Feb 28

*Note: All meeting times are listed for the Eastern Time Zone and are subject to change.

Try this on for size

Now, you can put this MFE on your business cards or print to stickers for flyers. Share it with folks to take them right to or volunteer sign up area:

Thank you, Margie, for creating this.

News of Note:

From Shane Trejo:

--Several news outlets, including The Markup, reported in November 2022 that several services, including H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer, sent personal and financial information to Facebook after users filed their taxes. That included filers’ return amounts and information on their dependents, and it was gathered via Facebook parent company Meta.

Worth repeating (Posted yesterday as well)

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