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CALL TO ACTION: Manhattan Project. 10 Days to Stop Prop 2

Dear Honest voter,

The vast majority of people want voter ID. That’s why the left is pouring millions of dark money into trying to deceive Michiganders into supporting Proposal 2. In fact, Prop 2 kills voter ID. Alarmingly, pollsters say the so-called ‘Promote the Vote’ amendment to our state constitution is on track to pass.

It’s up to us to educate the public. We have 10 days to stop the lie and save our state.

Marketing experts tell us we can educate hundreds of thousands of voters over the next 10 days, but only if we all participate.

Here’s how we stop Prop 2

Every day until November 8, we need you to participate in the Manhattan Project. Educate voters on the dangers of Prop 2—all from the comfort of your home.

If you use Facebook, go to Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and like the page. Then share the daily Vote No on Prop 2 and Manhattan Project articles. You can also join and share PIME's Telegram and Signal pages. Or you can visit Protect Mi Voter I.D. Facebook page or visit Protect Mi Voter ID, a statewide grassroots effort to stop Proposal 2.

However you choose to participate in the Manhattan Project, be sure to add your personal comments. This will encourage your friends to read what you send them. Share these posts with as many other pages and groups as you can, and ask them to share as well. Share. Share. Share.

It's good idea to set times to make comments every day and as often as you can. Tell everyone repeatedly to Vote NO on Prop 2 and to spread the word to fight the deceit.

That’s it. Easy Peazy.

The countdown clock is ticking: 10 Days to Stop Prop 2

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, chair

P.S. Voters who have already voted by absentee ballot may go to their clerk's office and request a new ballot. It is really simple to do! This is for voters who would like to change their vote after learning the truth.

Allows voters to cast ballots without voter I.D.
Allows prisoners to vote
Allows billionaires and special interests to secret money into our election offices and to corrupt out elections. Almost half the states have outlawed Zuckerbuck-type corruption.
Allows ballots to be mailed to a new PERMANENT absentee voter list
Creates 9 days of early voting
Strips citizens of the power to challenge illegal actions in our elections
Requires taxpayer funded ballot drop boxes for every 15,000 registered voters.
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