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Call to action: Promising Development

From Patrick Colbeck:

I have been requested to provide affidavits of election fraud within 24 hrs in support of discussions with the MI Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth. The purpose of these discussions has been to obtain an investigation into 2022 election fraud.

Can you compile and share any affidavits of election fraud that you may have collected thus far in the following shared drive?

PLEASE DO NOT divulge the purpose of this request. Simply ask for affidavits and let folks know that time is of the essence.

Do not fret over whether or not they are notarized yet. That would be ideal, but I would not want to hold up the sharing of the incident while waiting to get a notary signed up. We can always get that later.

Feel free to copy all contents in the shared drive for your personal reference.

Thank you for your assistance!


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