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CALL TO ACTION: Take survey. Join tonight's MFE/PIME meeting & panel discussion

Got tapes? Took notes? Send them.


Kudos to those who gave their time and expertise to help with the election. Now it's time to assess, adapt, and plan next steps.

Tabulator Tapes. If you collected tabulator tapes from your precinct(s), send them here. If you did not collect them, it's not too late. Patrick Colbeck is seeking to reconcile county reporting with precinct reporting, so he needs precinct tabulator tapes, especially for precincts in Kent, Washtenaw, and Muskegon Counties.

Documentation. Now is the time--right now--to key in your notes from the election. Every small issue you noticed could become an important piece of the puzzle. Post your notes in the MFE Basecamp Leaders folder "Post Election Observations."

Not using Basecamp? No worries. Email your notes to Margie Gillean,

MFE/PIME meeting tonight.

Join Patrick Colbeck, Gina Johnsen, Andy of Verity Vote, Bill Richardson, and Norm Shinkle for a panel discussion on "Where We Go from Here."

Share your election experiences. Hear first-hand recommendations from widely differing viewpoints--We have MI Grassroots Alliance President Patrick Colbeck, newly elected state representative Gina Johnsen, MIGOP District 7 Chair Norm Shinkle, Verity Vote analyst extraordinaire Andy, and PIME Vice Chair Bill Richardson.

All are convening to share their opinions and hear your thoughts as to the best next steps to restore integrity to Michigan elections.

Lively conversation. Camraderie. Good people. Potluck comfort food.

No press, please.

Details: Tonight, 5 PM, Nov. 12 at the Stockbridge Activity Center, 305 W. Elizabeth St., Stockbridge. Parking in rear or front.

We need feedback from election volunteers. Let your voice be heard and help others learn as much as possible from your first-hand accounts. Please complete the survey link below, and feel free to forward this to anyone you know who worked or volunteered at the election.

WE ASK EVERYONE TO COMPLETE AND RETURN THE SURVEY by Close of business TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15. Here’s the survey link:

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

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