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Cartoon of the Week: Federal judges order 13 Michigan House and Senate districts redrawn

cartoon By LX

December 21, 2023, Lansing — Federal judges have declared 13 of Michigan's House and Senate districts unconstitutional and ordered them redrawn, overturning a key portion of the maps drawn in 2021 by Michigan's inaugural Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

The three-judge panel ordered the Secretary of State to refrain from holding elections in those districts until they are redrawn in compliance with the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The significant court ruling Thursday could have broad implications for the 2024 election, potentially forcing neighboring districts to be reshaped, and could influence which party controls the Michigan Legislature.


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Alex Weddon (LX) is a member of MI Fair Elections Communications Team and author of the three-book series, Close Calls on the Farm. He is the former owner of a community newspaper in Michigan.

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