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Celebrate Friends. Year in Review. Minutes.

"MFE/PIME: A Year in Review," created by Kathy Mann. (Follow MFE and PIME on Rumble.)

Patrice Johnson Called to Order at 5:00

Prayer led by Alex Weddon

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome and Introductions

--Patrice discussed the loss of PIME founder Ed Zick, and what a wonderful man he was. He was a patriot, religious man, great father, and friend. Ed was married to Lori Zick, and they had a wonderful relationship.

PIME started in November 2020. A group sat around the Johnson table and Kathy McClinchey mentioned we need to focus on Election Integrity or nothing else will matter.

One of our goals going forward is to figure out what happened in the election, and everyone should read The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer. In 2008, Colorado was completely controlled by Republicans. Then a group of 4 came up with a plan that flipped Colorado blue, and two journalists wrote the book, analyzing what happened. This is where Michigan is now, all blue. Colorado focused on ballots, on data mining, on efficiencies, and on winning messages.

ERIC shares Michiganders’ data. The ERIC contract states they may subcontract, and they do. Among the subcontractors are the Center for Election Innovation Research (CEIR) run by Democrat activist David Becker. Dem candidates didn’t have to go out and campaign. They identified their target groups through social media and focused on them. Nonprofits like Meals on Wheels serve as ballot harvesters. Patrice and Jim met with a woman who has worked in the financial budgeting side of government for 40 years. Activists train groups like educators and Meals on Wheels volunteers to become ballot harvesters to the people they serve. We need to change our tactics. We need to figure out how to play in the new game of data and social media and relationship management. The leftists are running campaigns like a business, focusing on return on investment. They have one media center that sends out the message to everyone. They do the same with accounting, marketing, and general operations functions. The Conservatives operate independently. Our group now has leaders in 49 out of 83 counties.

Rosemary Tanner, the leader of the Jackson group, said the group decided to clean up the Jackson voter rolls. They are slowly getting there.

Patrice said we are part of the national Election Integrity Network and are involved on a national level. Andy from Ann Arbor has agreed to lead the charge on voter roll clean up. MFE just started in July.

The Thomas More Society is representing us. PIME has filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Moore v. Harper. The case, which deals with the Legislator Clause, is one of the most important cases before the court, and it may determine whether state legislatures can run their elections as the Constitution directs. Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and the Wisconsin Voter Alliance, represented by Erick Kaardal, special counsel to the Thomas More Society, filed an amicus brief (friend of the court) with SCOTUS for the hearing.

We are also involved in suing the Secretary of State on a HAVA complaint. We are one of 30 states that belong to ERIC. They have access to 61% of voting-aged Americans’ personal information. Anything that the DMV and Voter Registration has, ERIC gets. They also know eligible but unregistered voters and are sharing that information with select parties.

We should be proud of the work we did with Prop 2.

We now have Basecamp. We have come a long way from last year and we are supporting each other.

Patrice thanked everyone for coming and supporting and giving and financing.

Treasurer’s report - Linda Lewis. It’s been a good year. We can always pay the rent and buy the supplies we need. The rent is currently $60; $75 if we use the gym. We are grateful for a $2,500 donation received in October.

Jim Johnson said we are going to start incurring more costs due to the expenses of filing FOIA requests. Discussion on how to get the Donate button on the website. They are insisting on a social security number. Linda joked they could look it up on ERIC.

Report: Patrice Johnson:

Georgia: Jenny Beth Martin asked Patrice to help with the Georgia election, and she went to Atlanta for 3 days. It is important to be involved. Rick and Sheree volunteered to go and never received a response.

Litigation Support

Uniformed and Overseas Civilian American voters act (UOCAVA) - You can register to vote online without an ID, Social Security Number, or actual residence in the U.S. The Elections Administration Commission, CISA, and other groups warn the UOCAVA is vulnerable to fraud.

Kathy Mann - presented and Adobe Premier Christmas video of PIME throughout the year. It took her 30 hours. Kathy explained how she did it.

Open Discussion

New Business

Adjournment at 5:56 pm

Christmas Mingle

Becky Weddon


Noteworthy News

During the first week of December, The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on what could prove to be one of the most important cases of the century, Moore v. Harper will determine whether state legislatures can run their elections as the Constitution directs. Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and the Wisconsin Voter Alliance, represented by Erick Kaardal, special counsel to the Thomas More Society, had filed briefs with SCOTUS for the hearing.

At the Orange County Supervisor of Elections, "it seems as though those who do the right thing in this environment, in this office, are penalized, and those who keep their mouth shut are rewarded," said whistleblower Brian Freid.

'I don't know how you can in good conscience instruct your workers to solicit votes from people in those categories.'

Victoria Marshall

'I'm a big believer in calendar transparency,' Roth said. 'But I reached a certain point where my meetings became... very interesting.'

Tristan Justice

Voter Roll Data in Arizona. Inexplicable abnormalities in the voter rolls are worth considering

From Tim Griffin, American Voter Alliance

Democrats in Georgia Paid Voters to plug Warnock to their Friends & Family. This is an interesting story out of Georgia. Democrat consulting firms paid regular citizens $200 to contact 50 of their friends, asking them to vote for Warnock. They say this boosts turnout by 3.8%. This may account for some of the reasons we are seeing such odd numbers in modern elections. The Georgia Runoff. As we consider what occurred from an election integrity perspective during the Georgia runoff last week, consider the political spending. Some estimates appear that Warnock (D) raised $150M, while Walker didn't clear $60M. Other estimates indicate that MORE than an additional $100M came in on EACH side from out of state.

Lower the Voting Age to 15? Andi Bayer is raising the alarm on the left's push to lower the voting age to 16 years old. We have seen the left push to lower the age of consent for medical procedures and other issues.

Hans Von Spakovsky of Heritage's Fresh Article on the Dangers of Mail-in-Voting.

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