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Elon talks Left's 'Mind Virus' bringing on 'End of civilization' in blockbuster Joe Rogan video

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

By Nick Arama | October 31, 2023

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When the world's wealthiest entrepreneur, and arguably the most consequential warrior on behalf of human civilization, sits down for a two-hour interview with Joe Rogan, viewers can expect eye-popping revelations. Elon Musk did not disappoint.

"One of the reasons I like Elon Musk," reporter Nick Arama wrote in an article in RedState on October 31, "is that while he may not be right about everything, he's a thinker, he's honest, and he sees with great clarity some of the existential threats that are before us right now and that even many on the right in positions of power don't see."

The interview began with Rogan firing an arrow at one of Tesla's supposedly-bulletproof cybertrucks. The 7,000-pound cybertruck won; the arrow broke.

The whole two-hour video is posted at the end of this article, but Arama hits some of the more interesting highlights. "Listen to this answer about why Elon decided to stick to his guns and buy Twitter, which he renamed X." Rogan is in a Halloween costume.

Musk explained that he bought the social media company because he was concerned that Twitter was having a "corrosive effect on civilization." Part of the problem, he said, was that Twitter was located near the X headquarters in San Francisco. "It's a zombie apocalypse," Elon said. "It's crazy."


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"But you have to ask yourself, what philosophy led to that outcome? That philosophy was being piped to Earth. A philosophy that ordinarily would be quite niche and geographically constrained... so that sort of fall-out area would be limited, um, was fatefully given an information weapon...what is essentially a mind virus to the rest of Earth. And the outcome of that mind virus is very clear if you walk around the streets of downtown San Francisco. It is the end of civilization."

Musk has taken on the "woke mind" virus in the past, but this explains why he thought Twitter was such a threat: It had the potential to propagate wokeness to the whole world.

The pair spoke about the importance of releasing the Twitter Files. "Twitter was just an arm of the government." Musk explained. Twitter was like Russia's Pravda, "a state publication." "Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats," he said. This problem had not been "well understood by the public" before the release of the Twitter Files.

"That's because old Twitter was fundamentally controlled by the far left, completely controlled by the far left."

Musk took on billionaire George Soros, the largest donor to the Democrat party. "In my opinion, he fundamentally hates humanity....He advances agendas that fundamentally erode "the fabric of civilization," like "getting DAs elected who refuse to prosecute crime....Why would you do that?" Musk asked.

Musk noted importantly that Soros' actions are not confined to the U.S. He's "pushing stuff in other countries too." That's to place more of the world under the spell of the same deranged pressures that brought about the chaos.

Musk explained how Soros was good at arbitrage and spotting "value for money." He saw the value for money in investing in the local races where fewer dollars could have greater impact. Soros realized you don't have to change the laws; you just have to change how they are enforced, he said. "It's life-changing."

Both he and Rogan agreed that those with the "virus" are a "death cult."

"It's essentially the extinctionists," Musk noted. "They're propagating the extinction of humanity and civilization." He referenced an extinctionist leader featured in the New York Times as saying, "There are 8 billion people in the world but it would be better if there were none."

"Well buddy, you can start with yourself," Musk suggested.

Here are the first two hours released so far:

Mark your calendar for November 11 in Stockbridge:

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