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Legislators Sign Letter Opposing'Promote the Vote 2022'

October 13, 2022

Dear Michigan Voters,

We, the undersigned, are issuing this letter in opposition to the disinformation tactics, illicit behavior, and threats to democracy coming from a group called Promote the Vote 2022.

The advertisements sanctioned by Promote the Vote 2022 in favor of the Proposal 2 ballot measure are incredibly deceptive, intentionally misleading voters into believing that the measure would add voter ID provisions into the State Constitution. To the contrary, the measure explicitly makes mandatory voter ID laws unconstitutional, and allows individuals to sign affidavits or produce easily-forgeable receipts attesting to their identity in order to gain access to a ballot and vote in elections.

Furthermore, Proposal 2 does nothing to ensure that mail-in and absentee ballots cannot be received and turned in without providing voter ID. This allows for the mass mailing of absentee ballots without any sort of verification or standard to ensure transparency. It would also increase unsafe ballot boxes funded by private money, allowing billionaire special interests to buy our elections. Proposal 2 essentially amends the State Constitution to legalize voter fraud and make election integrity completely untenable.

The organizers behind Proposal 2 are conflating their efforts with the efforts of Secure MI Vote, a wholly separate ballot campaign put forth earlier this year to compel the state legislature into enacting mandatory voter ID laws. Proposal 2 was written to invalidate Secure MI Vote as a way to stop mandatory voter ID and other popular, common sense reforms and does so via constitutional amendment—making these wholesale changes to our election system virtually impossible to be overturned.

Opinion polls have consistently shown that voter ID laws are among the most popular in the country, gaining a large percentage of support among all ideologies and ethnicities. Many first-world nations throughout the world require voter ID, and these laws when enforced impose no undue barriers upon voting. If this campaign of disinformation waged by Promote the Vote 2022 is not illegal, it is certainly immoral and reprehensible, and it is occurring because they understand that Proposal 2 would be soundly rejected on its merits.

We, the undersigned, are calling every media outlet to discontinue running these advertisements from Promote the Vote 2022 immediately. Media outlets must refuse to be complicit with a cynical campaign that is deceiving Michigan residents and attempting to coerce them into voting against their priorities and interests. Promote the Vote 2022's actions demonstrate a textbook example of the worst our political system has to offer, and this assault on our Constitutional Republic ought to be rejected forcefully at the ballot box in this year's midterm elections.


CALL TO ACTION: Share legislator letter. Circulate these materials:

STOP Prop 2: Voting Policies in Constitution Amendment

  • Allows voting without an ID

  • Creates 9 days of early voting

  • Requires drop boxes for every 15,000 voters

  • Creates PERMANENT absentee ballot lists

  • Allows private donations for elections (Zuckerbucks)

  • Strips canvassers and citizens of authority to challenge elections

Disclosure records reveal Promote the Vote (the group behind Proposal 2) is taking millions from left-wing dark money groups to ban photo ID requirements in Michigan.

Polls show Proposal 2 is polling at 70% approval rating because of the lies.

Know the truth out about Proposal 2:

Michigan Fair Elections



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