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Vulnerable MI Senators and Reps to call & email


Call to action #1: Call these vulnerable legislators. Urge them to oppose three gun laws coming up for vote as early as today. Tell them NO NO NO to "Red Flag," "Safe Storage," and registration requirements to all guns, not just handguns.

Call to action #2. Religious freedom bill TODAY from Marian Sheridan

Regardless of a person’s beliefs as to sexual orientation and gender identity, we all have to agree that separation of church and state form the foundation of our constitutional republic. People have a right to their own thoughts and to live according to their beliefs. My rights end where yours begin, so to speak. Today we have before the Great Lakes State Legislature a bill that would, by state government decree, eliminate religious exemptions.

If Senate Bill 4 passes, Marian writes, “We will be the first state in the Union to have zero religious exemptions.”

Senator Jim Runestad has offered an amendment which will be voted on before the vote on the overall bill.

Call these vulnerable legislators below. Urge them to oppose the gun bills and SB 4. Support Senator Jim Runestad's amendment to preserve the religious exemption.

Mark your calendars to join MFE's weekly Zoom at Noon tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 23. Agenda below. Sorry no press. Register here:

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