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You're Invited. Zoom at Noon.


The clock is ticking down to today's Zoom at Noon, and we hope you will join us. Adam de Angeli from Rescue Michigan will beam in among others as we announce exciting plans. And remember, PIME has a hearing coming up in Dec. 13 regarding our federal HAVA claim against SOS Jocelyn Benson. Haven't already registered? Click here:

Sorry, no press. Coalition members only.

Know anyone who was registered to vote without their permission? Military? A senior or veteran in a residential facility? Americans with a disabilities, homeless people, new citizens or non-English speaking voters, incarcerated felons, and memory care patients in nursing homes—all are vulnerable to being registered to vote without their consent. Some may have been registered even after they declined.

We need to know about them.

Email your informatation to

Thank you for your continued support and hard work.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

Michigan Fair Elections

Pure Integrity Michigan Election

News of Note:

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