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Zoom at Noon tomorrow. Musk tonight.

Watch as Elon Musk sounds alarm on Artificial Intelligence. Says AI has potential for "civilizational destruction" and "They're training AI to lie." He's starting his own Chat GBT to counter fake AI News. All of Twitter (and probably other social media) messages read by government, he says, to propagate propaganda. More tonight as the wealthiest man in the world discusses Twitter. "I bought it for $44 billion and it's now worth $22 billion, so obviously I'm a good businessman," he jokes.

Zoom with us tomorrow:

Ken Cuccinelli, AG of Virginia, will join us to discuss the hottest news on the national scene. The American lawyer and politician, now chair of the Election Transparency Initiative, served as the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security from 2019 to 2021.

Learn what counties are doing to combat the latest attacks on voter rights. The Thomas More Society and special counsel Erick Kaardal are on a roll. Plus Soles to Rolls rollout tops expectations.

Hope to see you tomorrow at noon.

Patrice Johnson, Chair

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News of Note:

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