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Legislative Team Members
  • Legislation analysis - review new bills and develop talking points for or against the bill.

  • Tracking of the bills so the team understands where each bill is in the legislative process (i.e. in cmte, on the floor for a vote, etc).

  • Write written statements on behalf of PIME (providing PIMEs position on each bill and their agenda) and send them to the House and/or Senate committee chair

  • Write verbal statements for people to speak on behalf of PIME in committee hearings

  • Testify at committee hearings in Lansing 

  • Put talking points together in a powerpoint (or similar) format to post on PIME's website and to use at in person meetings

  • Website updates - update the PIME website with the latest legislative info

  • Blog messages - send email campaigns out to PIME/MFE's 3000+ email distribution list


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