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6 Days to Stop Prop 2


Chances are your friends and neighbors would be stunned to learn that Proposal 2 will change the state constitution to allow prisoners to vote.

The 2016 presidential election was decided by less than 33,000 votes--which is the number of prisoners incarcerated in Michigan's prisons. Do we want rapists and murderers to pick our leaders?

And there's this reality: Imagine, if you will, that you're a prisoner. All your mail is screened, so the leftist handing you a ballot is going to see how you vote. One thought runs through your mind: What happens to me if I don't vote the way I'm told to vote?

Talk about intimidation. Ballot harvesting at its worst, or near worst--almost as bad as harvesting a demented senior citizen's ballot.

The left knows they can't win in a fair election, so they are looking for ways to keep their power--no matter that ballot harvesting is ALWAYS illegal. Changing the law to allow prisoners to vote would give leftists a large new group of vulnerable voters to exploit.

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Tell everyone you know: Vote No on Proposal 2.

You're invited. Don't miss tomorrow's MFE Task Force coalition Zoom at Noon.

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