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ACE Act Is a Winner. Time to End Biden Administration’s Song and Dance about Voter Deprivation

Chairman Steil Introduces American Confidence in Elections Act

by Elizabeth Ayoub, MFE Director of Communications | July 14, 2023

This past week the Committee on House Administration passed the American Confidence in Elections Act, which means that the Biden administration will start shredding-to-build, to appear to be a champion or a hero for voting rights while undermining them. This administration will continue to state that any Republican involvement in voter initiatives will “deprive disenfranchised people” of “fundamental rights.” Meanwhile, individuals are voting in larger numbers than ever before, and incontrovertible evidence points to strategic and relentless attacks on the integrity of the people's elections.

Consider this Heritage Foundation sampling of recent election fraud cases from across the United States:

Let us put this sad-story-of-a-lie to rest. To do this, we must take a walk down history lane.

The Voting Rights Act[1] was enacted into law in 1965, the governmental archives state, to abolish “all remaining deterrents to exercising the right to vote,” and it “authorized federal supervision of voter registration where necessary.” That Federal law is still the law of the land. No eligible voter was deprived of the right to vote no matter what.

Because Congress believed that there were individuals who did not either understand where or how to register to vote, or that there were individuals having difficulty reaching a location to register, the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993[2] was passed. This law made it easier to register to vote, and states were required by law to offer voter registration

• at motor vehicle agencies,

• by mail-in application, and

• at certain state and local offices (including public assistance and disability offices)

The NVRA also mandated that states either use a voter registration form supplied by the federal government, or that if a state created its own, it had to be approved by the federal government. “The intention of this legislation was to encourage greater access to voter registration for the citizens who needed further assistance registering to vote. Also, NVRA allowed more accessible voter registration through mail-in and individual voter registration drives.”[3]

The federal government has, through the Fifteenth Amendment as well as these two federal laws, approval and oversight of voting. Does any reader know of any eligible voter who was not allowed to vote, who was deprived of the right to vote, or who was unable to register to vote?

Throughout our country people have come forth with stories, with affidavits, with evidence that voting has not been true or secure, that the voting procedures no longer are completely trustworthy. The voice of millions of people arose in state after state after state. People are concerned about the integrity of elections. There are news stories about that (calling these stories fake news, of course), but we do not hear any stories about people who tried to vote and could not. We have heard no stories about people who didn’t receive an absentee ballot. We have heard no stories about people who did not know how to register to vote. We have heard no stories about people who could not register to vote.

We have heard and seen evidence, however, about people who received multiple absentee ballots. We have heard and seen evidence of people who registered to vote in multiple locations or were recorded and voted under multiple voter identification numbers. We have heard and seen evidence of overseas voters registering and voting without presenting any form of identification or verification that they are citizens, or actual humans for that matter.

The public outcry for election integrity is ringing throughout the nation, and We the People, as represented by our elected officials, demand action.

The Republican-led Committee on House Administration heard the outcries. It passed through committee the American Confidence in Elections Act. It is yet to be determined when the bill will go to the floor for a vote, perhaps after the August recess.

Meanwhile, over in the presidential palace, the administration is singing its own song, the sad rendition not unlike a funeral dirge of “disenfranchised people who are deprived of a fundamental right.”

Make no mistake: We the people want every eligible voter to vote. But now is the time for the news media and those who have been closing their eyes to the mountains of evidence of large scale voter fraud to support the ACE Act. Yes, the Justice Department admits postal employee dumped ballots. Yes, our voter rolls are deliberately being bloated so more than voters are on the voter rolls than the state’s eligible voter population. Yes, Ann Arbor allowed more than 600 people to register and vote after the close of the election in 2022. (See enclosed MFE report.) Now the U.S. Postal Service is issuing warnings that people should not mail checks due to widespread fraud. Are we supposed to believe ballots but not checks may be mailed securely? Now the Michigan Legislature has approved late absentee ballots bearing no postmark to be accepted. Signature verification? Forgetaboutit.

It's time We the People join the Biden administration’s funeral dirge and put the sad-story-of-a-lie about people not being able to vote and of people being disenfranchised and having difficulties voting into a coffin. A nail or two more should seal the coffin for good.

[1] 52 U.S.C. §10101, 10301-10314, 10501-10508, 10701-10702, “The Voting Rights Act” [2] 52 U.S.C. §10101, 20501-20511, “The National Voter Registration Act” [3] Civil Rights Division/the National Voter Registration Act of 1963 (NVRA) (

U.S. Committee on House Administration Introduces Historic American Confidence in Elections Act


Contact: Michael Bars,  

ETI Applauds Chairman Bryan Steil, Committee on House Administration Upon Introduction of Historic American Confidence in Elections Act

Washington, D.C. A comprehensive Election Integrity package to bolster confidence in free and fair elections this week was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act, led by Chairman Bryan Steil and the Committee on House Administration, equips states with a host of tools to strengthen the integrity of their elections while respecting the Constitution, federalism, and our sacred democratic principle of one person-one vote. The bill also reforms the District of Colombia’s broken and mismanaged election system.

The U.S. Constitution provides that Congress has exclusive jurisdiction over DC elections but limited jurisdiction over the states.

The ACE Act appropriately features ballot and voter integrity reforms that states can enact at their discretion, preserving this constitutionally prescribed balance by requiring reforms in DC but allowing states to choose.

National Chairman of the Election Transparency Initiative and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has testified before the committee four times since 2021 regarding issues of Election Integrity, including twice this year in support of the ACE Act.

Chairman Cuccinelli issued the following statement:

“While states are primarily responsible for the execution of our elections, now more than ever the federal government needs to make it easier for the states to carry them out. It is imperative that lawmakers do everything in their power to improve the transparency, security, accessibility and accountability of elections in every state, so that every American—regardless of color, creed or party affiliation—has certainty in the outcome of every election. Sadly, many disenfranchised voters from coast to coast continue to lack confidence that every legal vote is cast and counted fairly, equally, and with the highest standard of integrity.

“Importantly, the ACE Act would right-size DC elections through proven, fundamental, and commonsense reforms rooted in ballot and voter integrity, beginning with voter ID for in-person and mail voting. Voter ID, and particularly photo ID, is overwhelmingly popular among virtually every voting demographic because it protects the right to vote in elections that are fair and secure.

“Make no mistake, DC should be the gold standard for fair and honest elections. It is the right of every legal, voting-age American citizen to vote and to trust that their vote is properly counted and not cancelled by an improper or illegal vote. But the reality is that DC elections have, and continue to be, an unmitigated disaster.

“We thank Chairman Steil and his colleagues for their thoughtful, diligent examination of these important issues and the comprehensive solutions they’ve put forward. The ACE Act has our full support and we urge its swift passage by the House.”

Congress can require reforms to DC elections because Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution gives Congress the power “[t]o exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District.”

Regardless of one’s party, race, or where he or she lives, voter ID is overwhelmingly popular because it protects the right to vote in elections that are fair and secure.

  • NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist: 79% of voters believe government-issued photo ID should be required, including majorities of Democrats (57%), Republicans, Independents, whites and non-whites.

  • Pew: 76% of voters, including 61% of Democrats, favor “requiring all voters to show government-issued photo identification to vote.”

  • CNN: 64% of voters, including 65% of minority voters, 69% of Independents and 65% of moderates, believe requiring photo ID would make elections fairer.

  • Associated Press: “Bipartisan agreement on requiring all voters to provide photo identification at their polling place.”

  • Honest Elections Project: 77% of voters, including Republicans (92%), Independents (75%), and Democrats (63%), support requiring voter ID 64% of Black voters, 77% of Hispanics, and 76% of low-income voters reject the notion that presenting a form of ID at the ballot-box is a “burden.”

  • Monmouth University: 4 in 5 Americans (80%) support requiring voters to show photo ID.

  • Grinnell College: 56% of voters oppose eliminating state laws that require photo ID.

  • Fox News: 77% of voters believe a state or federally issued photo ID should be required.

  • Rasmussen: 75% of voters say showing a photo ID is necessary for a “fair and secure election process,” while 85% of voters said it is “common sense” to require photo ID.

The Election Transparency Initiative, a partnership between the American Principles Project (APP) and Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Pro-Life America, was organized to combat federal H.R. 1 and H.R. 4 legislation and advocate for state-based election reforms that voters can trust.


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