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Brainwashing 101: If You Use Google, You're Enrolled

By Elizabeth Dallam Ayoub | December 20, 2023

Americans spend great amounts of time and money to protect themselves. From home alarm systems to privacy forms for medical providers, from encrypted passwords for banks and investments to PIN codes to our utility bills, we try to protect our information. Go to school to pick up your children, and the law requires documentation authorizing you to pick them up. Call the hospital to check on an ill friend, and a form will either grant or deny you permission to learn their status. We protect our home ownership through title insurance. We go to great lengths in the name of protection, and we hold these safeguards near and dear to our hearts.

Then we log onto Google or Facebook or Zoom, and with a few keystrokes we unknowingly enroll in “Brainwashing 101.” The topics we search feed into algorithms that profile our personalities and map our thoughts. Google, Facebook, Zoom and other Big Tech companies watch each site we visit and email we share, each Google Doc we work on. Zoom, founded by Chinese-American Eric Yuan, records our facial expressions and voices in each meeting we attend. Facebook analyzes the network of our friends and hubs of information sharing.


Big Tech’s tentacles probe what makes us tick. Then they use that data to manipulate us to behave in the ways they choose.


Megalith Google has the power to manipulate what people see online, targeting individuals with certain advertisements and burying search results it does not wish people to see.


In fact, Robert Epstein, a Harvard-trained, Ph.D. psychologist, says Google has become a global dictator with unprecedented power. It and other Big Tech companies are surveillance tools, says  the founder of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. Google itself has the power to manipulate what people see online and target individuals with certain advertisements, says Epstein.


Google and other Big Tech companies’ free services really aren’t free, Epstein warns. Human users are the product. “You pay for it with your freedom.” Big Tech’s power and reach have never existed before in human history, the researcher who is devoting his career to analyzing Big Tech manipulation techniques says. Much of what Google and Big Tech do was invisible and untraceable until Epstein set up a system to monitor and track them.


Watching the watchers


Epstein set up a $3 million network to watch the watchers. He found—and says he can prove in court—that Google possesses the invisible ability to control public policy, alter election outcomes, and brainwash our children.


Today, Dec. 20, Epstein will present his findings to the public at 2 PM. Link here.


Google uses ephemeral messages, Epstein explains, to flash on the computer screen and disappear as quickly, leaving no paper trail and making their effects difficult to track. Meanwhile, Google and Big Tech are using humans as pawns, manipulating people in ways they cannot perceive, let alone resist or counteract.


Epstein likens Google to a dictator with unprecedented power. The mega-corporation relies on techniques of manipulation that have never existed before in human history, says the Harvard-trained psychologist and founder of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.


As the 2020 Netflix documentary, Social Dilemma, showcased, humans readily surrender their personal information to “pass” a class, research a topic, download an application, or participate in an online games or social networks. From the goodness of our hearts, or shall we say from the typing of our fingers, we willingly hand over some of our most private information to Big Tech corporations. Data on our thoughts, values, and behavior is of enormous value to foreign and domestic parties who seek to influence us.


Brainwashing 101 is a different sort of class. It is a black hole with Google, the master of the universe.


At issue, Google stores information and then uses it to send us subliminal messages and brainwash us.


What a person can do.


The first step to breaking free from Google’s dictatorship is to recognize that the manipulation is occurring. The next step involves consciously opting out of Google and Big Tech services as much as possible by protecting individual privacy online, advises Dr. Epstein, a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT).


An old technique taken to new heights


One of Google’s techniques, subliminal messaging, has been around for many years. Retailers use it in everything from the music they play in their stores to where they place their products on shelves. How Stores Get You to Buy More...Without You Realizing It (


If subliminal messaging works, then it is brainwashing. We all fall victim on a fairly harmless scale when we enter a store to purchase only a box of cereal and then a sale sign catches our eye and we check out with three other items. Something, probably subliminal or overt messaging, happened during the shopping process to change our belief that we needed only a box of cereal.


Brainwashing starts with changing our beliefs and culminates with changing our actions.


The grocery store can change our actions into purchasing something we do not really want. According to Art Markman, Ph.D. professor of psychology at the University of Texas, “Manufacturers and retailers are trying to manipulate your information environment and change the way you think [emphasis added] in order to affect what you buy.”


Even this seemingly innocuous example of over-purchasing has ripple effects. No doubt it accounts, in part, for American’s  average $7,951 in credit card debt.


Brainwashing: No laughing matter


Brainwashing took a sinister turn in the 1980s when the Unification Church,  (the Moonies), brainwashed thousands of young adults. The group’s technique began with meeting one individual who stood alone (like today’s person sitting alone with a computer). The Moonies then never left the youth alone, ever. Through constant personal interaction and conversation, they transformed thousands of young adults into Moonies, named after their leader, Sun Myung Moon.


Moonies gave up all contact with every member of their families of origin to live, instead, in a Moonie compound. Through the transformation, 4,000 of young people took part in a mass marriage in New York where they married not a spouse of their choosing, but one that Sun Myung Moon selected for them.


Moonies, always in tandem with another Moonie and never alone, would hand out pamphlets at airports and ask travelers for money. The longer a person lived as a Moonie, the more the person became convinced of the beauty of the lifestyle. Parents alive today had their young adult children kidnapped in order to rescue and de-program them from the Moonie messaging.


(See: Why I Left the Moonies by Beth Axtons is the story of one woman’s descent into the subliminal as well as overt messaging of the Unification Church, and her ultimate ascent into understanding what had happened to her and her escape from living with the Moonies and believing their brainwashing.)


Changing someone’s action starts with changing a belief, a belief which might be very private but which we readily share as we enter Google, Brainwashing 101.


Inspirational writer Mark Victor Hansen, creator of The Chicken Soup book series, says: “Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.”


Subliminal messaging changes our beliefs


Skeptics decry that they are invincible to brainwashing or external influence. Skeptics claim they are too aware to be brainwashed, that they are immune to changing because they are aware that it is happening.


These skeptics would do well to check their cart next time they go grocery shopping.


Research shows humans are not omnipotent when it comes to external influence and brainwashing, no matter one’s strength or intelligence. In 2016 three scientists[1] published a study[2] on the affects of subliminal messaging on people who were consciously and unconsciously exposed.


The study concluded, “This is unprecedented evidence of the longevity and impact of subliminal messages, on conscious, rational decision-making.” [emphasis added]


Epstein and team’s research has found that biased search results can change people’s opinions by 20% to 80% in certain demographic groups.


Today, Dec. 20, Epstein will present his findings to the public at 2 PM. Link here.


Stay tuned for Part II of this article where we’ll focus on how, specifically, Google targets us with subliminal messaging. 

[1] Simon Ruch who does post-doctoral research on consciousness; Marc Alain Zust, a cognitive neuroscientist, and Katharina Henke who studies conscious and unconsciously wake-acquired memories

[2] National Library of Medicine, Neurosci Conscious 2016; doi: 10.1093/nc/niw/013 and PMID: 30386634


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Presenters: Dan Schneider, Media Research Center and Dr. Robert Epstein, America’s Digital Shield, 2:00 PM EST – 3:30 PM EST.

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