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Chronology of the State Police Election Crimes Investigation in Muskegon Raises Unanswered Questions

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

No material witnesses were questioned under oath. No handwriting analysis was performed. No grand jury was convened, No subpoenas were issued. No one has been indicted, charged, or arrested. No one has been put on trial.

by David Howell, MFE investigator | August 14, 2023

The Michigan State Police investigation into possible election fraud in Muskegon was conducted from Oct. 26, 2020, to March 24, 2021. It was then turned over to an FBI Task Force investigating a possible multi-state election fraud operation. Below is the sequence of events as reported in the FOIAed police reports.

During their investigation, the MSP executed three search warrants: Two in offices rented by GBI Strategies in Muskegon Heights and Southfield, and a hotel room in Grand Haven occupied by a GBI Strategies supervisor. Six GBI Strategies employees/canvassers were questioned in Michigan. The warrants led to the seizure of boxes of blank voter registration forms, store pay cards, a box of cell phones, a half-dozen semi-automatic rifles, and GBI Strategies employee records, training manuals, computers, laptops, cell phones, USPS mail receipts, and rental car agreements.


Oct. 8. A GBI Strategies supervisor turned in to the Muskegon clerk approximately 10,500 to 12,500 voter registration forms from Muskegon and Ottawa Counties.

Oct. 16. The Muskegon City Clerk contacted the Muskegon Police Department

Oct. 20. The Michigan State Police (MSP) were contacted and also provided with 42 sample fraudulent voter registration forms taken from the piles.

Oct. 26. At the request of the Chief of Investigations for the Michigan Attorney General’s office, the investigation into alleged “voter fraud” was turned over to the MSP.

During the course of the investigation, officers discovered that GBI Strategies was also operating in Flint, Lansing, Southfield, Ypsilanti, and Detroit. GBI used the mailing address of a hotel in Auburn Hills for packages and deliveries.


March 17. The MSP investigative findings were forwarded to Prosecutors at the Attorney General’s office for review while the MSP retained custody of all evidence collected.

March 24. The MSP was informed by prosecutors in the AG’s Office that no probable cause existed for Identity Theft, but the AG’s office made no mention of possible voter or election fraud in the report. On that same day, an MSP member of a regional FBI Task Force requested that the MSP forward their investigative findings to the FBI Task Force that had a “possible investigation regarding [REDACTED] in other states.”

Dec 27. A member of the FBI Task Force sent a request to the MSP to view three items of evidence held by the MSP Sixth District Headquarters (West) in Rockford.


Feb, 23. The FOIA request submitted by Keith Hinkle was filled in part. Materials were processed and a notation in the MSP record stated, “Case will remain open as the FBI has opened an investigation on the nation wide organization. Still maintaining evidence for the FBI.”

Results to date

The MSP investigation was rendered incomplete when the FBI took over the case. Since then, There has been a lack of prosecutorial interest by the AG, county prosecutors, and city prosecutors to look into the obvious voter fraud and get to the bottom of this case.

No material witnesses were questioned under oath. No handwriting analysis was performed. No grand jury was convened, No subpoenas were issued. No one has been indicted, charged, or arrested. No one has been put on trial.

It is unclear what additional evidence was gathered from the computers and cell phones seized, and it is unclear if the investigation carried over to the other involved communities in Michigan, which included Flint, Lansing, Southfield, Ypsilanti, and Detroit. It is unclear if their clerks and boards of elections were ever notified.


The case is still ‘Open’ per the MSP and many jurisdictions may have been affected, so why are not the local county or city prosecutors taking any action?

Was an audit of the QVF conducted to review new voter registrations prior to the 2020 general election to determine if any fraudulent ballots were cast?

Did any of the newly registered voters in Muskegon and Ottawa Counties actually vote absentee or in person?

Were the results of any elections conducted in Nov. 2020 affected in any way?

Questions specific to the governor, attorney general, and secretary of state

What did they know?

When were they told?

Who else or what committees in the legislature or state boards were informed?

Did they take any actions?

Why did they never inform the public?

Why didn’t the prosecutors in AG Dana Nessel’s office consider any charges related to conspiracy to commit election or voter fraud?

Why did the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson apparently send out NO warning regarding the possibility of possible fraudulent activity related to voter registration forms and absentee ballots?

Were any political organizations or candidates informed?

And finally, where is our wonderful and highly respected legacy media in reporting on this major news story? Where are the television, radio, and newspapers and their award-winning journalists? Perhaps they didn’t know about this case in 2020, but they surely know about it now, since they draw much of their news from Twitter, and this was the number one trending story for at least two days running.

Why the cone of silence?

If answers to these questions and many more lead to nothing, we should not quit asking them. We must keep digging for and exposing the truth.

Parties need to be held to account, and our elected representatives need to reinstitute the principles of integrity, fairness, transparency, and accountability into our government. Politicians who fail need to face prosecution and loss of their positions.


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By Guest Contributor Aug. 12, 2023 3:10 pm

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