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Updated: Jun 9


Welcome to MFE's first Week Past Is Prologue. What better way to wrap up the week than to take stock of the events that will set the stage for the upcoming week? MFE’s communications team is taking that goal to heart and bringing the election integrity highlights that you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy, and buckle up. We’re in for a wild ride.

Here are links to election news highlights from the week:




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Thursday, June 13, 4:00-6:00

The Lawfare Attack on the Republic. You've seen and heard him as a guest in MFE Noon Coalition meetings, now meet him in person! Hear Erick Kaardal speak on how to fight back against Lawfare in our Judicial System.

Register HERE, or click the "Register" button on the flyer.


 Friday, Saturday, Sunday June 14-16

By The People, For The People

The People’s Convention, is a one of a kind, three day event. Attendees will hear from dozens of the nations top leaders, network with thousands of likeminded attendees and dozens of partnering organizations, and leave equipped with the knowledge and resources to make a impact in their communities ahead of the 2024 election. Convention information Here.


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Mark your calendars to attend Election Integrity Network's outstanding national working groups. Consider also serving as liaison to report to MFE's Task Force Coalition on our Thursday meetings.

Below is the schedule for National Working Groups June 10-14. A link to the full National Working Group Calendar for June is HERE  (All meetings are noted in Eastern time.)

Tuesday, June 11

Wednesday, June 12

Thursday, June 13

Click on the monthly NWG Calendar to register and join any meeting.


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