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FOIA’d Emails Reveal MI AG Nessel Personally Visited Detroit USPS Distribution Center

Nessel visited the Distribution Center the day before the 2020 Election - after a Whistleblower claimed “Thousands of ballots are sitting” inside Post Office warehouse.

Reprinted from the Gateway Pundit, February 6, 2024

By Patty McMurray

According to FOIA’d emails, on Monday, November 2, 2020, only one day before a critically important presidential election, Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General was busy investigating a claim by a USPS whistleblower who worked at the Detroit USPS distribution center.

FOIA’d emails obtained by independent investigator Yehuda Miller and shared on Twitter,  reveal a postal worker, who asked to remain anonymous, first told MI Rep. Ellissa Slotkin’s office that “thousands of ballots are sitting in the main Detroit postal service distribution center (references their warehouse).” The whistleblower mentioned that “there are boxes and boxes of ballots that have not been counted and the reason being given is because there are not enough sorters.”

The whistleblower complaint was forwarded to MI AG Nessel’s Chief of Staff, Zaineb Hussein.

Good Afternoon Zaineb,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I hope you are safe and well.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Today, our office received a message from another congressional office regarding a postal worker concerned about absentee ballots being held at a local postal distribution facility.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The postal worker reached out to Rep. Slotkin’s office to express concerns about the facility they work at. The postal worker didn’t want to provide a lot of details and wanted to remain anonymous. The worker reported to Slotkin’s office that thousands of ballots are sitting in the main Detroit postal service distribution center (references their warehouse).-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The worker mentioned that there are boxes and boxes of ballots that have not been counted and the reason being given is because there are not enough sorters.--------------We wanted to flag this issue for Secretary Benson’s awareness, but we will also be reaching out to our postal liaison to bring this matter to their attention as well.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Larissa Richardson | District Director------------------------------------------------Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, MI-13------------------------------------------------------------------O: (313) 463-6217----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Here is a copy of the letter from Rep Rashida Tlaib’s office to Zaineb Hussein:

Instead of contacting the MI AG’s office, Democrat Rep. Ellisa Slotkin’s office contacted Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s office with the complaint.

Why didn’t Rep. Ellissa Slotkin’s office immediately contact the AG’s office to report this serious claim?

Curiously, instead of calling the MI State Police to investigate what the postal worker claimed were thousands of uncounted absentee ballots lying around in a USPS warehouse, the MI AG decided to investigate herself.


MI Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Chief of Staff, Zaineb Hussein, to whom the complaint was initially given by the office of US Rep. Tlaib (D), shared the email with Benson’s Director of Elections, Jonathan Brater.

“Flagging this for you,” Hussein wrote, adding, “Anything you’d like me to respond back with?”

Director of Elections Jonathan Brater appeared to take the complaint seriously and added MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s chief legal counsel, Mike Brady, to the email thread. Brater wrote, “Adding Mike [Davis].” The Director of Elections then suggested that AG Nessel is able to investigate the USPS facility herself, saying,” Under court order, the AG’s office is allowed to do inspections, so that would likely be the best course of action here, if any.”

“If any?”

So, a whistleblower who works for the USPS tells two different Democrat US Congresswomen in Michigan that he has personally witnessed thousands of uncounted absentee ballots that are sitting in boxes because there isn’t enough help to process them, and the DIRECTOR OF ELECTIONS who works for Democrat SOS Benson, who’s been telling us for three years that the 2020 election was the most secure in history, suggests they may not take any action at all?

The next day (ELECTION DAY), AG Nessel’s Chief Deputy Christina Grossi asked her boss about the inspection:

“Does this seem possible based on what you saw and heard?” Grossi asked.

Democrat AG Dana Nessel, who appeared to have been present for the inspection, responded:

“Not based on what we saw. But who knows what they were hiding? This is an enormous building. I don’t trust that they actually showed us all the ballots. Without specific info, you would never know where to look.”

In another email, AG Nessel can be seen working with her chief deputy, Christina Grossi, in what appears to be a cover-up from the public of her visit to the USPS distribution center in Detroit. To date, there has been no reporting about the whistleblower complaint or about AG Nessel’s visit to the facility to investigate.

In an email response to AG Nessels’ former (now deceased) communications director, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, Nessel’s Deputy Chief Christina Grossi wrote:

“I don’t think we should talk about the postal site visits yet. I’d like to de-brief with Washington before we comment publicly. I’m fine with the second alert.”

AG Nessel’s communications director, Kelly Rossman-McKinney replied:

“Keep me posted. I was careful not to say anything specific other than you were there – which shd be assumed since the judge’s order specifically said you could. Our residents deserve to know you took that responsibility.”

Grossi asked AG Nessel’s communications director to hold off announcing the investigation into the thousands of ballots at the USPS warehouse until AFTER the election! “Let’s please wait until after Tuesday,” she said, adding, “We have 10,000 things to deal with tomorrow. There’s no reason to throw this one on top of that. A few days won’t hurt anything.”

Wow! Just WOW!!!

Then, for the icing on the cake, at 1:58 AM on Election Day 2020, Dana Nessel shared a cryptic statement that would suggest she may have learned more about this case or the way the communications were being handled:

“Christina’s head is going to explode. Never mind.”

In his tweet that contains the email, Yehuda asks:

What did Dana Nessel mean when she wrote at 1:58 am on Election Night:------------ “Christina’s head is going to explode. Never mind.”------------------------------------------------The discussion appears to be about notifying the public about her postal site visits.------She was responding to a comment “Our…

— Yehuda Miller (@yehuda_miller) February 6, 2024

Here’s the tweet by Yehuda with a copy of the FOIA’d emails:

Michigan Files Part 10---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More discussion USPS inspection------------------------------------------------------------------------"Lets please wait until after Tuesday. We have 10,000 things to deal with tomorrow. There’s no reason to throw this one on top of that. A few days won’t hurt anything.”

— Yehuda Miller (@yehuda_miller) February 6, 2024

We have been unable to find any reports about the USPS whistleblower or his claims. Much like the Muskegon registration fraud case that turned into a statewide investigation and was ultimately hidden from the public, there don’t appear to be any public statements about AG Dana Nessel’s investigation into the whistleblower claims or what evidence she uncovered in her investigation.


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