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When I Grow up, I Want to Be a Law. U.S. Committee on House Admin. Moves Key Election Bills Forward

Major election integrity bills voted out of Committee on House Administration. Headed to U.S. House of Representatives.

By Elizabeth Dallam Ayoub

“I'm Just a Bill,” could be the theme song to describe legislation that the Committee on House Administration approved yesterday. In fact, people who care about election integrity could consider the 1976 Schoolhouse Rock song a call to action to support several bills that made it out of committee and are headed, hopefully, to the floor of U.S. House of Representatives for vote.

Each one of these bills addresses issues looming large on the minds of many.

Representative Harriet Hageman (R) sponsored HR 6513 (Safeguarding Electoral Integrity Act of 2023) to repeal President Biden’s 2021 Executive Order promoting access to voting. This bill requires every plan made under it to be submitted to Congress for review.

In a news release, freshman Representative Hageman said, “States have the authority and responsibility for holding elections, not the federal government. The executive order that this bill repeals is yet another example of many where the Biden administration believes that bureaucrats in Washington know better than everyone else how to do everything –total control of our lives is their ultimate goal.” Hageman sponsors Safeguarding Electoral Integrity Act of 2023 | Local News |

Three other bills (4460, 4316, and 3162) specifically require that only eligible American citizens may participate in federal elections, that states may include as part of a federal voter registration form a requirement that applicants provide proof of citizenship. One repeals a Washington, D.C. law (D.C. Local Residents Voting Rights Act) that allows non-citizens to vote and would create a prohibition on noncitizen voting.

The sponsor of HR 4460, the NO VOTE for Non-Citizens Act was sponsored by Rep. Morgan Griffith (R) of Virginia. “One of the rights and privileges granted in the U.S Constitution is an American citizen’s ability to vote in our country’s federal elections,” the congressman since 2010. “If non-citizens are allowed to vote in our federal elections, it could invite foreign interference and dilute the voice of American citizens. The NO VOTE for Non-Citizens Act upholds Americans’ right to vote, preserving our great democracy.” Griffith Introduces Bill to Help Ensure that Only American Citizens Vote in Federal Elections | Congressman Morgan Griffith (

Contribution by foreign nationals in elections or in connection with ballot initiatives or referenda would be illegal if H.R. 3229, Stop Foreign Funds in Elections Act.

The eight members of the Committee on House Administration passed these bills out of committee and will send these onto the House of Representatives to see if there is enough support for these bills. People who would like to see these bills become law should contact their U.S. Representative.

Marla W., a volunteer at Michigan Fair Elections, said, “I am thankful for Patriotic Americans! I serve as a county lead for MFE/Soles to the Roles. Every day I work with patriotic Americans who still believe in the rule of law, honesty, and integrity. They are working tirelessly for clean and fair elections where we are able to choose our governmental leaders who will represent the will of We The People.” To volunteer with MFE click here.

While Marla works for Soles to the Roles to volunteer for “clean and fair elections,” people who want to see the bills described above become laws can volunteer with just a telephone call. Contacting their U.S. Representative to show support for these bills is a way to help ensure that our representatives do as their name implies, represent the will of We the People. Click here to find your representative and contact them.

Many people hope that these bills grow up soon, very soon, to become laws of our fine constitutional republic, the United States of America.

Elizabeth Dallam Ayoub serves as MFE’s director of communications. She started her career working for an international company, transitioned into teaching French and Latin while her children were young, and then became a Michigan attorney.


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