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Election Day
Michigan Fair Elections
Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat

Michigan Fair Elections (MFE) consists of grassroots organizations and groups whose goal is to support free and fair elections in Michigan. As part of our efforts to restore trust in Michigan's elections, we invite you to join us as a member of our coalition or by attending one of our election integrity workshops or weekly meetings. 

Thank you for supporting free and fair elections in Michigan!

Who We Are

A federated network of citizen organizations, leaders, and activists aligning their individual missions to work together to build a permanent election integrity infrastructure in every county in Michigan, to provide ongoing citizen oversight, transparency, and accountability of Michigan elections.

Below are the members of our coalition of Michigan grass roots groups.

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Testimonials From Our Volunteers

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I joined Michigan Fair Elections after attending an Election Integrity Summit. becoming a precinct delegate. America's election system is a series of end-to-end processes, and at many points, the processes are a mess. Democrats want to fix things that are not broken, and Republicans don't trust anything works. Michigan Fair Elections Coalition, under the umbrella of The Election Integrity Network takes a bi-partisan view of our election processes, reinforcing what does work, isn't broken, and identifying steps in our election process that needs to be secured or fixed. If we don't have a secure and flawless set of election processes, we will lose our voice and our freedoms. Join us and turn your inspiration into action with Michigan Fair Elections.

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Dee D.

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Michigan Fair Elections is a bi-partisan mission. My whole life I have been a single-issue voter - Pro-life.  When the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen, I learned Election Integrity is even more important to save innocent lives of the unborn and for national security. Local communities combined volunteers between political parties and neighbors are restoring Election Integrity.

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Tim V.

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Michigan Fair Elections volunteers and other citizen volunteer organizations are taking part in Our State. Transparency in elections is the foundation of a free and just society. Without election integrity, you run the risk of being governed by corrupt fools and special interest groups spending your tax money as they please. Volunteers join our CMV Website to bring Election Integrity to Michigan.

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Phani M.

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Michigan Fair Elections turns problems into solutions.  We investigate to uncover the facts. Then we take action. Legislators consult with us. The Thomas More Society litigates on our behalf. Our county task forces are about one thing: Taking action to restore integrity to Michigan's elections.

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Patrice J.

The Problem - Did You Know?

In 2022, Ann Arbor allowed more than 600 people to register and vote AFTER the election was closed, and 120 of those voters registered and voted on November 9, the day after the election. See Ann Arbor Compromises Election Integrity during 2022 election

In 2018, the Sec. of State Benson joined Michigan in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) on the pretense of cleaning the voter rolls. Since then and for first time in history, the number of registered voters in Michigan has climbed to 102.4% of voting-aged residents. Of the state’s 83 counties, 67 (a full 80%) have more registered voters than eligible voters

In East Lansing alone, 1,936 ineligible people voted during the 2020 election, and the city’s voter rolls are 36% inaccurate? PIME Lights Out : Voter Roll Anomalies during the 2020 Election, East Lansing, Michigan. 

Over $20 million from Mark Zuckerberg was funneled through groups like the Center for Tech and Civic Life to Democrat areas, with $7.4 million going to the city of Detroit alone. 

Our free and fair election tradition is a precious treasure that we are charged with protecting. Government by the consent of the governed is hard to win and easy to lose. Every single time a fraudulent or illegal vote is cast, the vote of an honest citizen is canceled out.

--Witness Statement of Jesse Binnall, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, December 16, 2020.



Our Solution - What We Do

MFE is a federated network of citizen organizations, leaders, and activists aligning their individual missions to work together to build a permanent election integrity infrastructure in every county in Michigan, to provide ongoing citizen oversight, transparency, and accountability of Michigan elections.

MFE provides a platform for the local and county election integrity task forces to collaborate as a team to share information and address needs. The MFE solution has two components:

  1. A state federation/coalition focused on ensuring the Secretary of State offices (SOS Jocelyn Benson) and Bureau of Elections (Jonathan Brater) comply with state statutes                                       

  2. A local task force in each county focused on the election operations in that county

MFE's state and local task force volunteers investigate, communicate, legislate, and litigate. 


We educate ourselves and the public. Armed with the Truth, we take action to restore election integrity in the following areas of focus: 

  1. Legal compliance with election law

  2. Voter roll integrity

  3. Legislative solutions

  4. Technology and voting systems and processes

  5. Protecting and preserving the electoral voice of every citizen. Our vote is our voice. Each voting aged citizen is entitled to one vote.

Ready to join us? Want to join a local county task force?  Sign up below:

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Our Accomplishments

  1. MFE is recognized throughout Michigan as the premiere election integrity organization.

4. Our research and communications regarding the Electronic Registration Information Center, ERIC, have been instrumental in exposing the partisanship and opacity of ERIC.

7. Our coalition effort to ensure clean and transparent voter rolls through our Soles to the Rolls program is second to none.

2. Legislators consider PIME and MFE a major stakeholder and often consult us for our analyses and opinions

5. MFE's local task force leaders and investigative analysts lead the state in defending and restoring voter rights. 

3. PIME's litigative actions with the counsel of the Thomas More Society are defending voter rights on multiple fronts through the federal and state court system

6. MFE and PIME stopped the National Popular Vote from becoming a ballot proposal in 2022. Now, the NPV crowd is trying again--this time through the legislature. The battle goes on.

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