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Testimonials From Our Volunteers

Margie G.

I could not be sure my vote counted, without my vote, I have no voice and nothing matters without my Vote. Election Integrity isn’t just important, it’s Everything!

Tim V.

My whole life I have been a single issue voter - Pro life.  When the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen, I learned Election Integrity is even more important to save innocent lives of the unborn and for national security.

Phani M.

Transparency in elections is the foundation of a free and just society. Without election integrity, you run the risk of being governed by corrupt fools and special interest groups spending your tax money as they please.

Patrice J.

We investigate to uncover the facts. Then we take action. Legislators consult with us. The Thomas More Society litigates on our behalf. Our county task forces are about one thing: Taking action to restore integrity to Michigan's elections.

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