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Twins or stepsisters? Why Tudor Dixon is shaping up to be Gretchen Whitmer's nightmare

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


A massive influx of out-state monies flowed into Michigan to deter Republican voters from selecting the Trump-endorsed, gubernatorial candidate, Tudor Dixon. Even so, the DeVos-backed mother of four carried 81 of 83 counties in last week's primary election. Now, regardless of the candidate we favored going into the primary, it's time to rally behind one of the two primary winners, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer or Republican Tudor Dixon. For those tempted to refer to Dixon as Gretchen's twin, let us consider the merits of that pejorative phrase.

It's true that the Dem and GOP candidates for governor share several situational and physical characteristics. Both are attractive brunettes and mothers. Both are articulate and charismatic. But here's the rub: They both appeal to the same demographic. The battle for the hearts and minds of soccer momma bears--notoriously party independent--promises to turn Tudor Dixon into Gretchen Whitmer's hot-flash nightmare.

The video below, forwarded to us by Mike Cameron, shows Dixon and Whitmer as polar political opposites when it comes to the Second Amendment and gun rights. Dramatic differences also surface in Dixon's prime-time CPAC speech, which she delivered moments before President Trump took the stage on Saturday night. View speech here.

Differences aside, what has to make Whitmer quake in her jackboots are the two candidates' similarities. When compared to her opponent, the elder Dem incumbent comes across less twin and more jealous older stepsister. After all, it is Whitmer who is likely still conniving to lock us down, to take away our guns, to sexualize and critical-race-theororize our children--not to mention the governor's seemingly insatiable appetite for shunting Grandma into isolation in a Covid-riddled nursing home.

The thought of campaigning against the younger, fairer Tudor Dixon has to have Whitmer chanting incantations at the magic mirror on her wall.

Why Tudor Dixon could be Gretchen Whitmer's biggest nightmare.


Announcing: Cleta Mitchell to address MFE Task Force Coalition meeting this Thursday at noon “You’ve probably heard the adage, ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’" Jim Demint, Chair of the Conservative Partnership Institute, wrote in a recent email. "Well, CPI has officially entered step four." Contrary to ignoring CPI as was the media's custom in prior years, Demint said, “Our recent winning streak has finally caught their attention. Several corporate media outlets have run panicked articles about CPI in the last few weeks. MSNBC. Grid News. Axios. National Public Radio. They were meant as attacks, but each piece reads more like a commercial!" Plan to join the growing MFE task force coalition Zoom meeting this Thursday at noon. Special guest, Cleta Mitchell, senior fellow at CPI and former Trump attorney, will update us on CPI's actions and Michigan Fair Elections' critical role in the process. As Ron Armstrong, President of Stand Up Michigan, pointed out during last week's call, there has never been a movement like this before. He, Cleta, and others will reveal exactly how CPI, in partnership with MFE, is maximizing effective action through local task forces. A new patriot is emerging to take on “not just the Left, but the Establishment, Big Business and Big Tech, and woke socialism,” Demint said. "A new American movement is rising, and it will not be satisfied with empty promises from either party.” “For over a year now, CPI partner organizations have been beating the Left in court, in the states, in the public debate, through election monitoring, on social media and cable news, and in public polling. Our policies – from stopping the border invasion to breaking up Big Tech – have never been sharper. Our messages have never been more persuasive. Our research has never been more thorough.” Thank you for your continued support in this most crucial effort to restore integrity to Michigan's elections. I look forward to seeing you Thursday.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair


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