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BREAKING: Redistricting Commissioner Eid Loses Fed Appeal. Expelled from WSU for unethical behavior

Date: July 19, 2023

In a recent development, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) has been embroiled in a controversy involving one of its commissioners, Anthony Eid, who lost his federal appeal to reverse his expulsion from Wayne State Medical School. The revelation sheds light on a series of unethical behaviors, leading to serious questions about his fitness to serve as a public representative and about the value of the MICRC itself.

Contrary to previous claims made by the MICRC, Commissioner Eid is not pursuing medical studies at Wayne State University or taking a voluntary break to serve the public. Instead, it has been revealed that he was expelled from the university due to multiple allegations of academic misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking, and other concerning issues. This troubling information came to light during a federal lawsuit filed by Eid against Wayne State, claiming a violation of his 14th Amendment rights.

The lawsuit exposed a pattern of dishonesty, intimidation, and bullying by Commissioner Eid towards a fellow student, identified as Jane Roe. Over a prolonged period, Eid allegedly used his position as Student Body President in the School of Medicine to harass and intimidate Roe. The allegations include falsely filing police charges against her, hacking her social media accounts, and soliciting lewd images from an ex-boyfriend. These actions led to his expulsion from Wayne State, with the University's Professionalism Committee unanimously concluding that his behavior was not in line with the conduct expected of a future physician.

Commissioner Eid's expulsion and the subsequent loss of his federal appeal have raised concerns about his ethical conduct while serving on the MICRC. As a public servant, he is required to adhere to the commission's code of conduct, which he seems to have violated by allowing the Executive Director, Ed Woods, to misrepresent his background and qualifications to the public.

Moreover, Commissioner Eid's recent employment with Michigan Voices, a progressive group associated with Democratic organizations, has also sparked questions about potential conflicts of interest and impartiality. This issue was brought forward by another commissioner during a meeting, raising doubts about whether accepting compensation from politically-affiliated groups for redistricting efforts violates the MICRC's code of conduct.

The MICRC faces an urgent need to address these ethical concerns and restore transparency to the people of Michigan. Key questions remain unanswered, including whether the commission will correct the record regarding Eid's academic status and political affiliations. Additionally, the public deserves clarification on whether misrepresentation of background and affiliations is considered a violation of the MICRC's code of conduct.

The July 20 meeting promises to be a crucial moment for the MICRC to address these pressing issues and ensure the truth is communicated to the citizens of Michigan.

Commissioner Eid's pattern of habitual lying, harassment, and intimidation has raised doubts about his honesty regarding his employment. The commission must take prompt and decisive action to restore public trust and uphold the values of transparency and integrity that are essential to its mission.

The people of Michigan deserve to know the entire truth. It is incumbent on the MICRC to set the record straight and hold its commissioners to the highest ethical standards. Only then can the commission effectively fulfill its mandate to ensure fair and impartial redistricting for the state's citizens.


Join Zoom at Noon tomorrow, Thursday, July 20.

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