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Call to Action: ERIC slips non-citizens onto voter rolls

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

by Patrice Johnson

Feb. 8, 2022

If I were to suggest that when non-citizens title a vehicle in their names at the Department of Motor Vehicles they are automatically registered to vote, you'd say I was nuts. Right? How about if I told you a George-Soros-funded database is the culprit behind these illegal voter registrations, and this ERIC system, as it is called, encompasses not only Michigan but also 30 other states--more than 60% of America's driver-aged population? You’d be justified to think I’d gone Fruit Loops. Bonkers as it sounds, State Senator Ruth Johnson broke the news during a Senate Elections Committee hearing on January 19, 2022.

“I’d also like to know,” Johnson, chair of the committee, requested of Adam Reames, the policy director for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, “what you have now as processes to ensure non-citizens are not registered to vote when they’re processing other transactions in a branch or whenever they are there for like a vehicle registration.” The senator added, “We do know that over 20,000 people voted in the last election that never showed ID to register or vote.” Then she lowered the boom. ​ A non-citizen walked into a DMV office​ ​to process a vehicle registration, Johnson said. “They were registered to vote automatically, even though they didn’t request it, and they are not a US citizen, which is a felony for them.” She offered to share her documentation with Reames. The passage of Proposition 3 in 2018 amended Michigan’s Constitution to allow automatic voter registrations when residents apply for driver licenses. To opt out of automatic voter registration, the applicant must check a box. Now, according to Senator Johnson, people who come into the DMV to transfer a vehicle into their names are automatically registered to vote too. In fact, any transaction with the SOS can trigger an individual's registration to vote. This HAL 9000-like assault on election integrity sounded a bit beyond the pall, so this writer contacted Sen. Johnson’s office. Chief of Staff Garrett Wheat was quick to confirm, “Yes, your description of what the Senator said looks accurate!” Enter ERIC. “I want to help you.” --HAL 9000 (Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series) The secretary of state’s office is responsible for administering elections statewide. It oversees the management of the voter rolls, known as the Qualified Voter File. Prior to 2019, the SOS and 1,603 county and local election officials across the state exercised sole control for administering the QVF. Then Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was elected to office. On Jan. 17, 2019, she announced that Michigan was joining the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC “with nearly 100 million eligible voters living in the ERIC states.” (Michigan Joins ERIC) The system, she declared, would enable the state to identify residents who had died or moved out of state and remove them from the voter rolls. “I helped lead the effort to found ERIC in the summer of 2012,” the news release stated. According to investigative reporter Jim Hoft, author of last month’s three-part series in Gateway Pundit, “For decades the Democrats and leftists have fought ferociously to prevent the cleanup of State voter registration rolls. Recognizing a potential niche, left wing activists created ERIC to clean voter rolls their way, using their rules. So, in 2012 the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was formed as a membership organization primarily for blue States. ERIC is essentially a left-wing voter registration drive disguised as voter roll clean up. But it’s been gaining traction in Red States too. Originally funded by the Soros Open Society, it is now responsible for cleaning the voter rolls in 31 States, plus D.C.” (Jim Hoft, Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States, Gateway Pundit, Jan. 20, 2022.) In fact, Sen. Johnson, who had served as secretary of state from 2011 to 2019, supported a network for information-sharing among states called CrossCheck. Chief of Staff Wheat said Sen. Johnson “has long advocated requiring all states to share voter registration data with each other to help keep voting rolls clean and to prevent them from having to turn to third-party groups like ERIC.” What Secretary Benson failed to disclose—and what is coming to light—was that the third-party ERIC system was funded by George Soros and his anti-borders Open Society. A telltale sentence buried in the news release smacks of the true story, “This is one of the most effective voter registration efforts in history.” Effective? Yes. Honest? Not by a long shot. According to Gateway Pundit, David Becker, an experienced Democrat election lawyer, left the Justice Department to create the ERIC architecture. Originally a blue state project, ERIC had 11 member states by 2014 and 22 by 2017. ERIC has not published an annual report since 2017, almost 5 years ago. Becker, who still has a seat on the ERIC board, went on to create the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) in 2016. He distributed $69.5 million in grants from Zuckerberg for the 2020 election using similar methods as CTCL.” Center for Tech and Civic Life. According to Hoft, ERIC appears to be registering voter-aged residents not documented as non-citizens to the tune of a “$25,000 membership fee plus costs that can run into the millions” at taxpayer expense, “not the Democrat Party.” Cross Check was free and 16 states were participating until Dems sued it to extinction. On the face of it, one of ERIC’s Bylaws sounds harmless. “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.” Exhibit A, 2b. The way the rule is applied, though, makes the hairs on the back of the neck prickle. ERIC’s sleight of hand. “You can’t do this, HAL.” By law, only resident citizens and legal immigrants qualify to receive Michigandrivers' licenses. No such restrictions affect vehicle ownership. To hold title to a road-worthy truck or car, a resident needs to demonstrate ownership and pay title transfer fees at the DMV. No citizenship required. The DMV doesn’t check. Meanwhile, ​every 60 days ERIC member states are required to transmit to the central database “(1) all inactive and active voter files, and (2) all licensing or identification records contained in the motor vehicles database.” In other words, ERIC gobbles up not just voter roll data from 31 states, but also DMV information. (See this writer's Part 1: Consider this hypothetical situation. Say Bob from El Salvador slips across the Rio Grande into the USA. He pays cash for a Ford Focus, or maybe a kindly ​Zuckerberg-like ​nonprofit gives him a car. Bob, in accordance with the law, transfers the vehicle's title into his name at one of the state’s 131 DMVbranches. ERIC’s one-track, digital brain takes a gander at Bob’s record and detects no documentation indicating Bob is a non-citizen. Whallah, ERIC registers Bob in the Qualified Voter File as an active voter. “We need to know why people are being registered [to vote] that are non-citizens,” the petite blond Senator Johnson​ ​demanded of Director Reames in the January 19 Senate Elections Committee hearing. North Carolina Agrees to Release Records Showing Foreigners Voted “Yes, it's puzzling. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before.” --HAL 9000 To anyone tempted to dismiss Senator Johnson’s discovery of the DMV’s automatic voter registration of a non-citizen as an exception to the rule or a fluke: Think again. The beauty of digital computing resides in its reliability. Digital processing repeats the same way each time, every time. No deviation. Write software code to add 2 + 2 = 4, and two plus two will always add to four. The same process that can register one non-citizen to vote will repeat with the exact same result if registering the estimated 2 million non-citizens who slipped across the border last year in 2021. Such is the nature of digital programs. Today: Insecure border spreads lethal crime to America's heartland, creating powerful election issue Border apprehensions hit an all-time high of 1.7 million in fiscal 2021 Homeland Security doesn’t know court locations for 40,000 illegal immigrants, senator reveals Former Border Commissioner: ‘We Have Lost Control of the Southwest Border’ Illegal encounters at southern U.S. border hit record 178,840 for December 2021 New problem or old? The clear-eyed Sen. Johnson indicated that the issue was hardly new. “We heard it was a mistake and that it was fixed,” she told Reames. What you can do. Contact your state legislators. Tell them to stop paying ERIC. Stop sending ERIC Michigan data. Cancel Michigan's participation in ERIC. Contact your US Congress persons: Tell them, "All states need to share voterregistration data with each other to help keep voting rolls clean and to prevent them from having to turn to third-party groups like ERIC." Send them this message and Part 1, published on Jan. 29, Send them the Gateway Pundit series: ERIC Part 1: Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? ERIC Now in 31 States ERIC Part 2: Largest U.S. Counties Removed ZERO to TWO Ineligible Voters ERIC Part 3: The Founding of the Nation’s Largest Voter Roll Clean-up Operation What’s next. Come to find out, DMV registrations of non-citizens could be the tip of ERICiceberg. Even though ERIC adds voters hand over fist, it cannot bring itself to delete them. Dead voters. Moved voters. Non-citizen voters. Maybe even phantom voters linger on the QVF rolls as bait for ballot harvesting. Stay tuned for HAL: “I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

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