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CALL TO ACTION: Request Election Night Precinct Tapes to Track Vote Tallies

A Message from Patrick Colbeck

Arguably the most important election record to track during any election is the vote tally. I would like to track the integrity of the vote tally across the entire state of Michigan. The most fundamental building block of these vote tallies is the precinct tally.

Did you know that the official vote tally reported by the MI SoS in the 2020 election varied by ~3,200 votes depending upon whether or not you rolled up the results by precinct or by county? Clearly, there are some issues with the process by which votes are tallied in Michigan. 3,200 votes could mean the difference between Prop 3 passing or not. 3,200 votes could mean the difference between Governor Whitmer or Governor Dixon.

That’s why I am asking for your help.

My goal this election is to collect the precinct tapes from all of the precincts across our state. This is a very ambitious goal considering that there are 4,755 precincts across our state. That’s why I need your help.

Campaign volunteers, poll watchers, poll challengers, poll workers and election officials, please share election results for each precinct AFTER the polls have closed. The form below provides the instructions. Michigan law requires poll workers to provide this information after precinct canvass has been completed. We simply need folks present at the polls to ask for that information and follow the attached instructions.

I apologize in advance that we will be unable to collect election results for all races (even statewide races). Instead, we have focused upon several key ballot items. Perhaps next year we can be more comprehensive assuming that we have a way of automating more labor-intensive tasks.

The information collected will be compared with municipal, county, state and Edison Research data. Anomalies will be highlighted and appropriate action taken to verify the integrity of the data.

I will share our findings with the public after the election.

Thank you so much for your assistance in this important endeavor!

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