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Curl up or dust off ?

Dear friend,

If you are like me, you are taking a moment to feel bad.

Moment over.

Election integrity suffered some major blows with the passage of Proposals 1, 2, and 3. Many of our trusted candidates lost, and some races, we are told, are too close to call. Too bad delays in reporting never seem to bode well for election integrity outcomes. .

But all is not lost. Yesterday, I had the privilege to work as an election inspector in Lansing’s Absent Voter Counting Board. I was inspired to work with patriots wearing both blue and red badges. Good and decent citizens willingly devoted 15 hours or more of their day to helping ensure the integrity of their beloved nation’s sacred elections. These strangers earned my respect and admiration.

But here’s the rub.

To quote Donald Rumsfeld, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” Many of these naïve souls bought the lies inflicted on them about Proposals 1, 2 and 3. They simply could not fathom—nor dared they contemplate—the forces at work to steal our elections and topple the foundation of this great republic.

Who can blame them when everything they see paints a picture of free and fair elections?

In Lansing, red and blue teams were paired. Checks and balances were in place. Administrators took their jobs seriously. They knew the rules and treated all with respect. The day, while long, operated for the most part smoothly.

Invisible to all, however, were the bloated and inaccurate voter rolls. Who can blame a person for not noticing what is NOT there, like true authentication of a voter's identity and citizenship? Trusting blue badgers, in subscribing to the ease-of-voting and need-to-counter-voter-suppression arguments, also tend to support the heavily flawed and at-risk mail-in, drop-box, and overseas so-called “military” voting. Workers insist on calling it military voting. No matter that more than three-quarters (76%) of overseas ballots cast in Michigan come from non-military voters.

These drinkers of the blue Kool-aid have swallowed the propaganda that it is dangerous to question their government or the opaque systems powering it.

Husband Jim and I tried talking to a charming woman about Konnech and the arrest of its president Eugene Yu for handing protected voter information over to contractors in communist China. Jan physically shuddered and turned away, saying, “Let’s not talk about ‘conspiracy theories.’”

The harsh reality is that none of us can see the algorithms methodically inserting bias into voter recruitment. We cannot track the foreign monies pouring into dark super PACs and influencing our elections. We cannot verify the names, addresses, and residency of voters registered on our rolls because administration of those rolls has been handed off to an opaque third party and its leftist subcontractors.

We are powerless to stop nefarious actors from registering to vote under the Uniformed and Overseas Civilian Voter Act. Most of us can barely fathom the truth that UOCAVA allows voters to register online and show no ID or social security number. They can plug in any address for their place of residence, and never have to live in this country. The claim sounds too insane to be true, though it is true.

On a personal note, yesterday I was startled to witness 6 out of 7 UOCAVA votes cast for leftist candidates. These out-of-country voters marked Yes for Proposals 1, 2, and 3, plus leftist judges and university regents.

So here we are. We lost our footing and took a hard fall. (Election results below). We can choose to curl up on the ledge and succumb, or we can dust ourselves off and restart the arduous climb up the steep slopes of the great Mont Election Integrity.

To quote my dear brother, “The night of a million eyes will catch the cheat and expose the lies.”

Truth has a way of surfacing. More evidence will come to light, and MFE/PIME will sound it loud and clear until, eventually, even the wax-plugged ears of fraud deniers will clear and have a listen.

First things first. We need everyone to register here for the Michigan Fair Elections Zoom at Noon.

Apparently, our little organization poses a great threat and we now warrant hit pieces in the New York Times and covert operators to infiltrate our Thursday Zoom at Noon calls.

New link. Going forward, only approved attendees are invited. Please register today.

Here’s the link to register: You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

When: Nov 10, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Our beloved Cleta Mitchell will join our Zoom at Noon.

Next, If you’re within driving distance, please join us at 5 PM this Saturday for the monthly MFE/PIME meeting in Stockbridge at 305 W. Elizabeth Street. A panel of distinguished experts will address: Where we go from here.

Above all, take heart. We have right on our side. All we're asking is for transparent and unbiased elections. How offensive can that possibly be to anyone who claims to advocate for the same ends? Check out these insights of things to come:

For integrity in Michigan elections,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

Election results:

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  • Michigan governor results

  • Michigan Secretary of State results

  • Michigan attorney general results

  • Michigan Supreme Court results

  • Michigan U.S. House results

  • Michigan State House results

  • Michigan State Senate results

  • Michigan Proposal 1 results

  • Michigan Proposal 2 results

  • Michigan Proposal 3 results

  • Macomb County results: local races, school boards, ballot proposals

  • Oakland County results: local races, school boards, ballot proposals

  • Wayne County results: local races, school boards, ballot proposals

  • Attorney General race between Dana Nessel, Matthew DePerno running close

  • Proposal 1: Michiganders approve modifying term limits, requiring disclosures

  • Proposal 2: Michigan voters OK early voting measure

  • Proposal 3: Voters in Michigan embrace abortion rights amendment

  • Shri Thanedar, Rashida Tlaib elected to represent Detroit in Congress

  • Hillary Scholten defeats John Gibbs for west Michigan Congress seat

  • Elissa Slotkin narrowly beats Tom Barrett in expensive US House race

  • Democrats appear likely to take most of Michigan's US House seats

  • Michigan Supreme Court incumbents returned to the bench

  • Oakland County all in on transit as millage appears set to pass

  • Election Day updates: Long lines at U-M, MSU last hours past polls closing

  • Absentee ballot counting at Huntington Place lacks drama of 2020 election

  • Wayne County results: Warren Evans poised to stay executive

  • Oakland County results: Voters put more Democrats on county board

  • Macomb County results: Mark Hackel nears 4th term as executive

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