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Halderman report comes to light. Exposes nine vulnerabilities of Dominion electronic vote tabulators

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Watch: Prof. Alex Halderman says email ballots cannot be made secure during his May 9, 2023 testimony before the Michigan House Elections Committee, View on the PIME Rumble channel: Subscribe today.

by Patrice Johnson | June 16, 2023. Revised June 17, 2023

Professor J. Alex Halderman, Ph.D., is considered the foremost authority on cybersecurity, and he resides in our home state at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He was granted access to Dominion machines and wrote a report.

Then Halderman's findings were kept under wraps for two years.


Click here to view the Halderman Report: by Prof. J. Alex Halderman, Ph.D., with the assistance of Prof. Drew Springall, Ph.D.


Halderman identified nine vulnerabilities in the machines, and the Election Assistance Commission agreed with eight of them. The ninth they didn't dispute, but they classified it as an issue of personal identity exposure.

On a paper napkin, J. Alex Halderman diagrams ways that hackers can infect voting machines with malware. | Photo by Marc McAndrews

Garland Favorito, founder of, summarized Halderman's findings and came to three conclusions:

Secure paper ballots, hand counted ballots and hand marked, counted at the polls.

"Unseal the ballots," Favorito says. If ballots are public we can verify election results and detect counterfeits.

Unleash trust with transparent election processes.


From the CISA:


Below is Favorito's summary of the Halderman report. You be the judge. Are electronic tabulators secure?

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