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Last chance to contact your Representatives & Senators about these election related bills!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023


You may or may not know this, but our legislators don't normally spend time in Lansing in July & August. There are only 6 total days of legislative "session" planned those months and they don't usually involve passing any bills.

This means they are going to try to get all of the Election bills voted on by the end of next week!

This means we need you now, more than ever, to contact your legislators to tell them what you think about the bills they are trying to pass.

You may have heard "we need to pass these bills because of Proposal 2 (for early voting)". Well, there is what Proposal 2 mandates, and then there is what they are trying to pass off as Proposal 2 requirements. The legislation they are looking to introduce goes FAR BEYOND what people voted for in Proposal 2. One quick example is Proposal 2 calls for at least 9 days of early voting. Well, 9 days became 29 days in the legislation they want to pass.

Please take a moment and review the attached talking points for the bills and to see what else they are trying sneak in as "Proposal 2 mandate". Your emails or phone calls don't have to be long, they just have say "vote NO on these bills that look to undermine election integrity in Michigan". Pick your favorite talking point or two and send them an email (or call them) to let them know have you feel. There are a lot of bills as you will see, but we've done the leg work, analyzed the bills, and put together highlights for you to use. Some of the content in these bills is necessary to support Proposal 2, but they go way too far and need to be amended before they are passed into law. Many of the bills aren't necessary at all.

If you aren't sure who your Representative or Senator is, use the links below to find out!

Thank you for taking action!

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