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National Popular Vote Bill Introduced in MICHIGAN Today

It's back with a vengeance and with the support of Leftist Dems in its sails

Feb. 28, 2023 To: Members of Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and Michigan Fair Elections

From: John Crawford, at 'Keep Our 50 States'

ALERT! - Michigan! This morning, February 28, 2023, Senator Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit, introduced the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact bill for yet another attempt at getting Michigan to join this very dangerous scheme. The bill is expected to get its first reading in the Senate tomorrow, at which time we should have Bill # for the Legislation. So far, we don't know of other bill sponsors. Among MANY other problems, the NPV scheme makes voters VERY Unequal! In fact, under the devious NPV Compact, voters in OHIO will exert MORE INFLUENCE in choosing MICHIGAN's Electors than will MICHIGAN voters! WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, Michigan voters will have ZERO influence over choosing OHIO's Electors! We Need YOUR Help We also know that the NPV sales reps, including Saul Anuzis, are very actively lining up sponsors in the House right at this moment and won't stop until they have that done. We really need all hands on deck for this one. Democrats, as you know, have a two vote majority in the House (56-54) and in the Senate (20-18), and can easily pass this legislation along straight Party lines. Governor Gretchen will eagerly sign the bill when it gets to her desk. MICHIGAN is probably their #1 target state this session. The NPV promoters are desperate to get this enacted by the 2024 election. They need the rules changed so that they can be assured of electing candidates they like. They only need about 5 or 6 more States to sign on to activate their dishonest plan, and there are SIX (6) States that moved toward their political direction last November. The threat is very real! Michigan is key to their efforts, because if Michigan falls, it will be used very loudly in half a dozen other "Purple" States to convince lawmakers to jump on the bandwagon while they can still look like a leader.

Mark your calendars for Zoom at Noon Thursday

Please Help Us Wake Up Conservative Groups and Electoral College Defenders Across Michigan Starting This Week! We need them to wake up their Members to urge them as Constituents to CONTACT THEIR State Reps and Senators! We can say that Republicans in the Senate and most of them in the House, have heard from us and others at least once and are pretty much committed to fighting vigorously the National Popular Vote. But this will take just a few thoughtful Democrat Members in the Senate and in the House to look and see what this devastating scheme really does, and go against their Caucus to oppose the NPVIC, too. Just contact me or Tom Stillings by return e-mail, or send a text message to me at 616.490.1000 or leave a voicemail for me at 616.951.1053, and I can help you coordinate any of your efforts and likely get you some manpower to help, if needed. We are also available to get to just about anywhere, if presentations are needed, wherever you think they may be helpful. Just be sure to let me know. Thanks for caring about Michigan and about our Constitutional Federation of American States! Our Electoral College needs your help now. Regards, Keep Our 50 States Keep Our 50 States - MICHIGAN John Crawford, Volunteer Newaygo County, MI 616.951.1053 Voicemail 616.490.1000 Mobile & Text

Where the two major parties stand on NPV

No mention of the national popular vote exists in the 2020 Democrat Platform. However, the 2020 Republican Platform is clear. Subsection “Honest Elections and the Electoral College” states:

We oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and any other scheme to abolish or distort the procedures of the Electoral College. An unconstitutional effort to impose National Popular Vote would be a grave threat to our federal system and a guarantee of corruption, as every ballot box in every state would offer a chance to steal the presidency. We urge state legislatures that have voted for this proposal to rescind their approval.

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