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No! No! No! Materials & info to fight Props 1, 2, and 3 all here.

Flyers, door hangers, briefs: Download here: and-3

Inside Fog Data Science, the Secretive Company Selling Mass Surveillance to Local Police


Fog’s product represents a direct and uniquely modern threat to our privacy. Its business is only possible because of a cascade of decisions by tech platforms, app developers, lawmakers, and judges, all of whom have failed to adequately protect regular users. Apple and Google have designed their mobile operating systems to support third-party tracking, giving brokers like Fog essential tools like the ad identifier. Thousands of app developers have monetized their software by installing invasive tracking code on behalf of data brokers and ad tech.

Congress has repeatedly failed to pass even basic privacy protections, allowing a multibillion dollar data broker industry to operate in the open. And courts have failed to clarify that a person’s Fourth Amendment rights aren’t diminished just because they’re carrying a smartphone that can transmit their location to apps and data brokers.

Fog Reveal can be used to harm vulnerable people and suppress civil liberties. Fog’s area searches can let police perform dragnet surveillance on attendees of peaceful protests, religious services, or political rallies. Some of Fog’s customers already have a history of doing so by other means: an investigation by ACLU revealed how California Highway Patrol used helicopters with high-tech surveillance cameras to capture zoomedin video of attendees at peaceful demonstrations against police violence.

You're Invited to a Convention Delegate Seminar with JD GLASER, Oct. 18

Precinct Delegates of Michigan –

You are cordially invited to attend a training session with JD Glaser on October 18 from 6:00 - 9:30 PM at the Kensington Hotel in Ann Arbor. This event is open to all delegates in every county, but seating is limited.


View your invitation here:

Some of you may already know James Stewart, Washtenaw County Precinct Delegate and host of the Getting A Grip On Things podcast, who worked tirelessly to pull this event together. Regardless of whether you like what he has to say or don’t, this event has no bias and he is personally encouraging you to come. An event like this is long overdue and will benefit every PD that attends.

This event is FREE. While donations are appreciated to help cover the cost of the event, they are not expected. Join us and discover the power of your elected Precinct Delegate position.

For event details and to RSVP, visit:

News of Note

FBI Arrests New York Election Official Over Alleged Absentee Ballot Fraud Scheme

“He is accused of unlawfully possessing and using the names and dates of birth of voters in connection with absentee ballot applications that he submitted to a New York State Board of Elections website in 2021.

Investigations: RCI's Picks of the Week

Armed and Beltway-ish: More Federal Bureaucrats Than Marines Can Pack Heat

Mainstream Media Maintain Bobulinski Blackout Despite Bombshell Interview | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 67 Watch video Go to 7.00

Chinese Police Overseas NY Outpost Can Be Tool for Sabotage in US: Expert

--“The Chinese are not simply forcing people to go back to China and stand trial, but they may be giving them directions to do other things,” such as espionage, recruitment, influence operations, sabotage, or subversion, Gaffney told the “China in Focus” program on NTD news.

Stagflationary Debt Crisis Is Here

Doocy: "Great Concern" Caused By Biden's "Armageddon" Comment, Was He Told Something Was Happening?

What They Told Us: Rasmussen Reports reviews last week’s key polls

Election Integrity: 61% Say Issue Is Very Important

Emerging Democratic Majority? Our Signs Point To NO - Hispanic Voters Getting More Conservative

Most Hispanic Voters Don’t Support Open Borders

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Michigan Fair Elections



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