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PIME 10/14/23 Legislative Update


The barrage of election legislation being considered in Lansing continues and there are new bills you should know about, so we've updated the PIME web page content .

Some key bills that have been voted out of committee and sent to the floor for a vote are shown below, but there are many more being considered. Please check out the PIME website for a full run-down ( and then contact your Representative and/or Senator.

If you aren't sure who your Representative or Senator is, use the links below to find out!

Thank you for taking action!

HB4129 can make you a felon if an election worker thinks you are harassing them.

HB4156 proposes Michigan enter in the National Popular Vote compact, which will take away Michigan's voice in the presidential election.

HB4210 will allow some overseas voters to vote by email, threatening the security of our elections.

HB4569 would pre-register 16 year olds to vote, and share their personal private information with other states through the ERIC system.

HB4983 will force voter registration for anyone who applies for a driver's license, whether they want to register or not.

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