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PIME 11/21/23 Legislative Update

Updated: Nov 27, 2023


If you haven't heard, the legislative session has ended for the year. It has ended earlier than normal, and this is good news given the types of bills that have been passed. Here are a couple of statistics for the 2023 legislative session:

  • 36 election bills were passed in total in the 2023 session.

  • 16 of these were passed purely along party lines.

There were many bills rushed through in the last few weeks of session. Shown below are some key bills that passed, but please visit our website to get the latest updates on all election integrity bills.

If you would like to contact your representative or senator, you can find their contact information at the following links:

Key election bills that have passed in the last weeks of session:

HB4129 can make you a felon if an election worker thinks you are harassing them and the bill provides no protections for poll challengers or poll watchers.

HB4234 allows seemingly unlimited campaign contributions from labor unions

HB4569 would pre-register 16 year olds to vote, and share their personal private information with other states through the ERIC system.

HB4983 will force voter registration for anyone who applies for a driver's license, whether they want to register or not.

HB5144 penalizes people for distributing materially deceptive media

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