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3 Days to Stop Prop 2: Puts integrity of our elections in grave danger. Watch and share this video

No more exclusions for incarceration:

Prop 2: The big, ugly con. Don’t be fooled. Tell your friends. Vote NO Prop 2.

by Hans von Spakovsky

Proposal 2 would make a series of damaging changes to the state’s constitution. Everyone agrees that individuals should be able to vote “without harassing conduct,” something already banned by federal law. The proposal then says that voters should verify their “identity with a photo ID,” since voters like that requirement.

But that language is there to con voters into not paying attention to the rest of the proposal, which actually guts the ID provision by saying anyone can vote if they simply sign a form claiming that they are who they say they are. The proposal also makes it legal to give money to election officials and election offices to “fund elections,” opening the door for political donors to influence how elections are administered in order to benefit their favored candidates.

The Michigan proposal further creates permanent absentee ballot lists, guaranteeing that ballots will go to voters who are deceased or have moved out of state; authorizes unguarded, unmonitored, unsecured drop boxes; and says that only election officials can conduct audits, which would result in election officials auditing their own behavior — a clear conflict of interest. That sure is a rule that corporate officials all over the country would love to the dismay of their shareholders, and it should dismay the shareholders of Michigan elections: the voters of the state.

Hans von Spakovsky is a Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and manager of its Election Law Reform Initiative. He is a former Commissioner on the Federal Election Commission and Justice Department official.

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