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Reminder:Take election worker survey. Share your thoughts


We need feedback from election volunteers. Let your voice be heard and help others learn as much as possible from your first-hand accounts. Please complete the survey link below, and feel free to forward this to anyone you know who worked or volunteered at the election.

WE ASK EVERYONE TO COMPLETE AND RETURN THE SURVEY by Close of business TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15. Here’s the survey link:

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

News of Note:

Key takeaways:

--Reagan "could see the groundswell forming around his conservative agenda

--He also knew internal fighting and blame would only distract from the opportunity. --Reagan projected optimism and a clear strategy to fix what needed fixing as evidenced by a personal note he wrote a depressed supporter shortly after his '76 defeat.

"Going on with what God has given us, confident there is a destiny, somehow seems to bring a reward we wouldn't exchange for any other," the eventual 40th president penned his fan.

--Reagan's rebound strategy was imposed instantaneously and with four years of relentless discipline.

--More than 7 in 10 Americans believe the Biden Democrats — like the Carter Democrats — are taking the country off a cliff. That's a massive advantage waiting to be seized with a fine-tuned message.

--Make the Georgia Senate runoff the party's unifying moment.

--Stop unilateral disarming on absentee ballots. Reagan's team had a simple rule: Always be princpled, but never unilaterally disarm. The 2023 version of the GOP should take note.

--While legitimately taking on mail-in balloting for 2024, Republicans also should work to change the laws to ensure that all ballots are filed and counted on Election Day, a concept that 80% of Americans support.

--Impose Reagan's 'No exploding hand grenades in the foxhole' rule.In my final interview with George H.W. Bush, the former president recounted the most famous advice Reagan gave him. "George, if you are ever tempted to pull the pin on a hand grenade in our own foxhole again, for God's sake toss it into the enemy's bunker from now on," Reagan told Bush

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