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Renowned Attorney John Eastman to speak in Michigan

Before the 2020 election Attorney John Eastman was a nationally renowned professor of law and community service, dean of his law school, and expert in constitutional law. He had a Ph.D. in government and a doctorate in law from the University of Chicago Law School. 

Then, Eastman defended President Donald Trump and became a target of progressive lawfare. Since then, he has been criminally indicted, de-banked, and recommended for disbarment. 


Still, Eastman is undeterred and more convinced than ever that the rule of law and election integrity are under assault. Come meet the man. Hear his story. Learn what you can do to help restore integrity to Michigan's elections.


You are invited. Come meet special guest speaker, Dr. John C. Eastman.

“Lawfare in America: War on Election Integrity. Stand Now or Forever Bow.”

Thursday, May 9, 7:15 PM


Sponsored by Michigan Fair Elections  

7:00 PM Doors Open  

7:15 PM Meet and Greet 

7:30 PM, Speaker John Eastman, “Lawfare in America and the War on Election Integrity. Stand Now or Forever Bow,”  

Location: Grace Bible Church, 1000 S. Canal Rd., Lansing MI 48917 

No charge. Donations welcomed. Email: 

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