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Slew of anti-EI bills head to governor's desk. Three hours to Zoom @ Noon


The Michigan Senate worked late last night as the majority party ramrodded through the largest budget in the state’s history and a bevy of laws to un-secure our elections. The new $81.7 billion state budget plan for 2024 increased 7.5% over last year’s $76 billion. The budget increased a whopping 30% over the $62.8 billion of just two years ago.

Under the guise of implementing Proposal 2 from 2022, the Democrats, with Senators Ed McBroom (R) and Bill Huizenga (R) in support, passed their wish list of egregious elections bills. Prop 2 called for 9 days of early voting, so the legislators stretched it 29 days.

As if Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) doesn't already wield enough power, the legislature handed her unchecked authority to change the rules without public or legislative hearings. To quote Senator Ruth Johnson, the bills “strip out all legislative and citizen’s right to know and give input.”

These bills and more are headed to the governor's desk for signature.

Join us at 12:00 EST today as PIME Vice Chair Bill Richardson discusses the impending laws. Julie Adams from Georgia will share news about Dominion machines and the newly released Professor Alex Halderman Report. Carol Davis will join us from Illinois to discuss what her team discovered when they vetted their so-called conservative judges.

Learn how Erick Kaardal is protecting citizens' constitutional rights as special counsel to the Thomas More Society, and how you can help, one step at a time as Tim Vetter brings news on Soles to the Rolls.

Join MFE's Zoom at Noon today. Learn what you can do to make a protect voter rights.

Register to attend Zoom at Noon here. Members welcome. Sorry, no press.

Also, be sure to watch the short 5 to 7 minute Master Classes in Election Integrity.

For integrity in Michigan elections,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

Mark Your Calendar:

"Election Integrity Policy: Local. State. National." You can make a difference. Mark your calendars to come hear Tammy Clark. Pure Integrity Michigan Elections meeting 5 p.m., July 15 in Stockbridge.

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