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Stop the Steal. Tell people to vote No. No. No.

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

by Patrice Johnson and Keli Carendar

We are in a cultural crisis. The enemies of We the People, after decades of winning strategic battles against our constitutional republic, have the gleam of victory in their eyes.

If any of the three deceptive ballot proposals are voted into law on Nov. 8, they will amend the Michigan Constitution and destroy the few remaining laws designed to preserve the democratic republic.

Sadly, most voters are ignorant of the real contents of these proposals. If they read the deceitful descriptions or fall sway to the leftist media barrage, they are likely to vote in favor.

This message briefly describes the three ballot proposals and includes links for more information, so that you can educate others and persuade them to vote NO. NO. NO. Share the links included with friends and family, and on social media.

CALL TO ACTION: KNOCK ON DOORS! Help us educate other voters by knocking on doors! Michigan needs you to get the word out now, because if we fail to educate fellow voters, Michigan will be lost forever!

  • Please sign up to knock doors by contacting your county captain or contacting Margie Gillean at

STOP Prop 1: Legislative Term Limits and Financial Disclosure Amendment

Like all lies, Proposal 1 is written and described in a way that is very confusing and meant to deceive voters into voting yes. First, it combines two very different subject matters. One part is about financial disclosures, which many citizens support. However, the other part is about term limits, and this part tricks voters into thinking that it will reinforce and strengthen existing term limits.

However, Proposal 1 would actually allow a state representative to serve a total of 12 years (instead of 6 years, as it is now), and it would allow state senators to serve a total of 12 years (instead of 8 years, as it is now), should they choose to serve their time in only one chamber.

You can also tell Proposal 1 is NOT good for the everyday citizen when you look at some of the supporters:

  • Michigan AFL-CIO, Michigan Education Association, Michigan Chamber of Commerce

The supporters are big government unions and cronies! This will not benefit the average Michigander! This should be called the “Protect Incumbents Amendment!”

STOP Prop 2: Voting Policies in Constitution Amendment

Basic points about Proposal 2:

  • Allows voting without an ID

  • Creates 9 days of early voting

  • Requires drop boxes for every 15,000 voters

  • Creates PERMANENT absentee ballot lists

  • Allows private donations for elections (Zuckerbucks)

Disclosure records reveal Promote the Vote (the group behind Proposal 2) is taking millions from left-wing dark money groups to ban photo ID requirements in Michigan. (You can share the factsheet online or print it out and give it to others.)

Also, recent polls show Proposal 2 polling at a 70% approval rating because of the lies. It is critical to get the truth out about Proposal 2! Please sign up to knock on doors and educate voters!

STOP Prop 3: Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative

Watch video: I Didn't Know

The Reproductive Freedom for All proposed constitutional amendment is not about reproductive freedom, which already exists. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU’s amendment would radically distort Michigan’s Constitution to create a new unlimited right to abortion, which would spill over and affect many other issues.

This poorly-worded amendment would repeal dozens of state laws, including Michigan’s ban on tax-funded abortions, the partial-birth abortion ban, and fundamentally alter the parent-child relationship by preventing parents from having input on their children’s health.

Learn more about what the constitutional amendment would do.

Planned parenthood materials are touting the proposal will eliminate ‘parental consent' laws. Already, Spectrum Health (of which Sparrow Hospital is a part) is alerting parents that “soon” their 10-year-old-and-older children's health records will become only partially visible to the parents.

In the face of public outcry, Planned Parenthood has shifted its posture. None of these changes would be automatic, it claims. The issues would be argued in court. But here's the rub: The court will be duty-bound to rule in favor of the amendment to the state's constitution.

Specifically, Proposal 3 would:

  • Legalize late-term, partial-birth abortions (up to day of birth).

  • Allow minors to obtain an abortion without informed or parental consent.

  • Create the ability for children to have sterilization procedures without parental consent.

  • Allow individuals who are not medical professionals to perform abortions.

  • Allow abortions to be performed anywhere.

  • Eliminates conscience protections for medical personnel who do not want to perform abortions.

  • Allows premature NICU babies to be denied medical care, legalizing infanticide.

  • Allow school employees to help students obtain an abortion, hormone therapy, or sterilization procedures without parental consent.

And much more.

Michiganders cannot let this “fundamental transformation” happen. We need to knock on doors, and using the left’s own materials, educate the unknowing public to the deceitful language in these proposals!

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