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Take action to stop Prop 2. Join the 11-day “Manhattan Project” to save Michigan

From the comfort of your home


Subject: Take action to stop Prop 2. Join the 11-day “Manhattan Project” to save Michigan, all from the comfort of your home.

Dear Honest Voter,

Many Michiganders are rightfully alarmed against the dangers of Proposal 3, abortion on demand, and which is on the ballot this November.

But Proposal 2 slipping past relatively unnoticed, and it will nuke our election system.

In fact, polls show Prop 2 easily getting voter approval. It’s deceptive commercials that tell voters that Prop 2 embeds voter I.D. in our Constitution! It does the opposite.

The truth is Prop 2 will institutionalize voter fraud into our Constitution.

With the innocent title of "Promote the Vote," Proposal 2 expands the opportunity for voter fraud using more than 12 pages of legalese most voters will not read.

One of the main goals of Proposal 2 is to allow voters to cast ballots without voter I.D. The proposal changes our Constitution to merely require voters applicants to sign an affidavit, and this affidavit cannot be traced back to the applicant’s ballot. Think about what this means for election integrity.

Over 72% of Michiganders support showing a photo ID to vote!

Private billionaire funding: Another terrifying provision under Prop 2 is the legalization of non-government, third-party funding of our elections. Prop 2 will put in our Constitution that outside special interest groups can pay for our elections.

In 2020, Mark Zuckerberg poured in $400 million into the U.S. presidential election for the express purpose of influencing the outcome. Around $20 million of that amount came into Michigan, and 90% of this huge cash amount was spent on voter recruitment in targeted urban (deep blue) areas. These “grant monies” were awarded on condition the clerk conduct “Democrat Get out the Vote efforts.”

This "Zuckerbucks" tactic is a recipe for billionaires to steal our elections. After the election, 23 states banned the corrupt practice. Michigan’s legislature voted on a bipartisan basis to ban it too, but Gov. Whitmer vetoed the bill.

If passed, Proposal 2 will insert in the Michigan Constitution this ill-advised amendment.

Outside special interests would then control our state’s future elections

Under Prop 2, absentee ballots (not ballot applications) will automatically be mass mailed in perpetuity to voters who may or may not be interested in voting in the upcoming election, have changed their residence, moved or even died.

Recently, Michigan investigators watched over 1600 hours of dropbox videos from Detroit. They witnessed hundreds of hours of “mules” trafficking illegal ballots to dropboxes. Proposal 2 would make ballot harvesting such as this even easier. It would incentivize the keeping of inaccurate voter rolls.

Prop 2 also could give more than 33,000 prison inmates statewide the ability to vote and permit more Michigan prisoners to vote than the total number of voters that decided the 2016 election. For more information on this visit Prisoners In Politics.

Proposal 2 is NOT what the people of Michigan want.

Unless we ALL take action, Prop 2 is going to pass.

To help save our state, you can help from the comfort of your home.

Here is our 11-day Manhattan Project to save Michigan:

We need as many people as humanly possible to get active on Social Media. No excuse that you no longer participate on Facebook. The fact of the matter is 70% of those who use Facebook are Republican and those are the very people being deceived by the left’s lying commercials scamming them into voting for Prop 2. We need to educate voters before election day.

Here is how:

Protect Mi Voter ID is a statewide grassroots effort to stop Proposal 2. Visit Protect Mi Voter I.D. Facebook page and like the different articles, add comments (this helps increase readership by your friends), and share the posts with as many other pages and groups as you can. That’s it.

Do this for the next 11 days. Set times to make comments every day, as many times as you can.

Marketing experts tell us we can influence hundreds of thousands voters, but only if we all participate!

Let us know of your commitment to help in this effort so we can judge our progress.

If you don’t have a facebook account, you can help by donating at

Protect Mi Voter I.D. to support radio and TV ads.

We must all stand together in this statewide effort to defeat Constitutionalizing election fraud!

For election integrity in Michigan,

P.S. Voters who have already voted by absentee ballot may go to their clerk's office and request a new ballot. It is really simple to do! This is for voters who would like to change their vote after learning the truth.

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