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Tucker unleashed. Gotion funds approved. Zoom at Noon Thursday.

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Go to 19:06: Tucker: Of Elon Musk's comment: "The most likely outcome is the most ironic outcome."

"The promise of the internet was as much information as you ever wanted at your fingertips and the result has been result in more controlled information than we even could have imagined 20 years ago. A lot of info is not available because it's digital and it's controlled by a small number of companies. Hundreds of millions of Americans have no idea what's...they don't know the facts. The net effect is to make people completely ignorant of the actual facts. That challenges the notion of democracy that depends on an informed populace. "Don't throw away your hardcover books because they can't be disappeared." Same with relationships. Very first thing you should do is tell the people you love that you love them.

Cain: "How did this guy get to be the voice of populism?"

Tucker: All people are hierarchical. There will always be a ruling class.

48:59: Cain: Some have come to the conclusion that the country needs a competent CEO.

Tucker: I want to live in country that is united, where everyone feels empowered. where people know their rights. We are equal to everyone. 1985 was a nice country. The nicest that's ever been. He wants to get back to that. Where everyone has dignity. You know you're safe because you're a citizen. You have to figure out what unites everyone. It will break apart unless you thoughtfully consider how to keep it together.

Cheating is easy in democracy.

Tucker: "Dishonest people always impute dishonesty to others," and "Only liars imagine everyone else is lying."

Tucker, regarding our leaders: "They couldn't be less suited for leadership."

"The people in charge are bad at their jobs," and "They shouldn't be in charge." "They people in charge hate middle America." This is no longer a middle class country.

"The truth is, you hate the person you wrong."

"The most powerless and reviled people are rural Americans."

"Animals have their instincts, and their instincts are spot on." He advises his children, "Don't override your instincts, or you are in effect, lying to yourself."

"The testosterone levels in American men are plummeting....I don't know why no one cares about that." He asks why the NIH isn't investigating. "Sex differences are necessary to perpetuate humanity itself." The people who run our society seem uninterested. It's worth declaring this as an emergency.

'We are tired of being abused,' one resident told the state lawmakers.

Zoom at Noon Thursday

Learn what local task forces are doing to combat the latest attacks on voter rights. The Thomas More Society and special counsel Erick Kaardal are on a roll. Plus Soles to Rolls rollout tops expectations.

Hope to see you Thursday at noon.

Patrice Johnson, Chair

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