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Volunteer Spotlight: Protecting Vulnerable Voters

By Elizabeth Dallam Ayoub | February 6, 2024

After spending 55 years as a nurse and then as a long-term care surveyor for the State of Michigan, Rosemary Tanner has spent almost a lifetime making sure that those who live in long-term care facilities are being treated as the laws demand. Both federal and state laws as well as rules and regulations ensure that residents have all of the rights they are entitled and have the quality of care that attracted them to a particular facility.

Tanner spent nine years driving from facilities that spanned from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron and from Grand Rapids to Michigan’s southern border, Rosemary donned her state car and state certification to work for something she feels passionate about.

“Just because they’re in a nursing home doesn’t mean they give up their right to vote,” Rosemary said of the residents of the 400-600 nursing care facilities in the State of Michigan.

And, Rosemary adds, their “right to vote” means voting for the candidates they choose, not having their ballot completed by someone else. Rosemary felt incensed when she learned of the nurses’ aide at the Father Murray Nursing Home in Detroit who completed the ballots for many residents. The aide filled out the ballot herself.

During her career Rosemary was trained yearly both in Lansing and in San Diego, learning about federal and state laws and regulations that affect long-term care facilities. After receiving her CMS certification from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, her job involved being what she describes as a “regulator and enforcer.” 

Tanner’s career-long passion for caring for vulnerable voters compelled her to something similar in her retirement, to volunteer for Michigan Fair Elections. In her new capacity, Rosemary works to regulate and enforce election laws and processes, to make sure they’re heeded and not violated-by facilities or outside influencers. 

While attending an Election Integrity Network seminar in Detroit, she learned of the need to protect vulnerable voters in elections and thought, “I can do something like that.”

Through her work with Michigan Fair Elections, Tanner has become part of a national working group of the Election Integrity Network. There she reports on what Michigan is doing to help vulnerable voters and learns what other states are doing. She is the Jackson County Coalition Leader for Michigan Fair Elections.  

The incident at the Father Murray nursing home in Detroit prompted Rosemary to volunteer. An employee was found to have wrongfully taken residents’ ballots.  Rather than delivering the ballots to their rightful owners, the employee completed them herself. As a volunteer for Michigan Fair Elections, Rosemary knows that every ineligible vote nullifies a legitimate vote.

Tanner, a wealth of information as to the laws and regulations impacting nursing homes, speaks of the rights of nursing home residents. For example, the facility must provide residents with access to voting. Residents must receive personally the absentee ballots sent to them. Residents are entitled to have information left by any election group or candidate available to them. Last but not least, nursing homes must allow any candidate or any election group to come to the facility to meet residents who want to meet them.  

To make sure that long term care facilities and residential facilities comply with the law, Rosemary and her team of other MFE volunteers have drafted a letter that they are sending to all these facilities to remind them of the law.

Tanner has retired from her job with the State of Michigan. She has stepped out of her state-owned vehicle for the last time, and she has let her certifications expire. But her care and concern that facilities continue to follow the law, have become a part of who Rosemary is.

Rosemary is one of many volunteers who said, “I can do something like that,” to help with election integrity.

And you, are you like Rosemary? Can you say: , “I can do something like that.”? 

Please donate your time and financial support for the cause of election integrity. You can do something like this.   

State Operations Manual of Regulations Nursing Facilities

483.10(b) 483.10(b) (1) 483.10(b) (2)


Elizabeth Dallam Ayoub serves as MFE’s director of communications. She started her career working for an international company, transitioned into teaching French and Latin while her children were young, and then became a Michigan attorney.


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