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You are invited: Zoom at Noon today.

Dear friend,

Tuesday's election results landed like a punch to the belly. Thank you to those who gave of your time and energy to help with the election. To a T, every MFE Task Force Coalition member served with distinction. Whether working as an election inspector or poll challenger, or whether providing support from home, our members comported themselves with professional and skill.

Now it's time to assess and adapt, then to act. To quote Margie, “It’s just beginning as we perfect our methods and strengthen our resolve.”

Please join us today, Thursday Nov. 10, as we discuss “Where We Go from Here.” Cleta Mitchell will lead us off, and we’ll be seeking your feedback and advice.

To join, you’ll need to preregister. Here’s the link: Zoom at Noon

Sorry, no media. Zoom at Noon is open to coalition members only.

Thank you, again, and see you at noon.


P.S. For those within driving distance, please plan to attend Saturday, Nov. 12’s MFE/PIME meeting at 305 W. Elizabeth St., Stockbridge, 49285. Our expert panel will hear your feedback and discuss, “Where we go from here.”

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