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A New Year's Wish to All

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Dear friends: On behalf of EIN Chairman Cleta Mitchell and the EIN Team of Marshall Yates, Ned Jones, Kerri Toloczko--On behalf of the volunteers serving on the cabinets and teams and committees that comprise MFE and PIME: Happy Election Integrity New Year 2023.

Every approaching New Year presents an opportunity to reflect on the year that is ending and look forward to the year that is beginning.

Our first message on this New Year’s Eve is to express our profound gratitude for our partners, friends, coalition members and supporters who stood with us in 2022 to fight for election integrity for all American voters, and for protection and adherence to law and procedures that provide accurate and true election results. As the New Year is about “resolutions,” we have a few as well. With your support and participation we resolve to:

1. Make sure voter rolls in every locality are cleared of the dead, the moved and the non-existent.

2. Hold election officials accountable to follow election law and procedures even when they either deliberately ignore them or can’t be bothered to honor them.

3. Identify and work with the media to educate them on election integrity and reverse their (sometimes willfully false) narrative that protecting elections is somehow “insurrection” or partisan activity. Utilize social media to promote and explain election integrity to all Americans.

4. Work with Congress on federal issues that impact elections nationwide, including ensuring that national death, citizenship, and address databases are freely available to state and local election officials, as well as investigating leftwing entities such as the Democracy Fund and many others whose relationships and interference with election officials and offices threaten American sovereignty, federalism and confidence in election outcomes.

5. MFE and PIME will fight FOR state laws and procedures that protect all ballots of all voters, and fight AGAINST any that weaken ballot protections. We will also oppose emerging awful ideas from the Left like Ranked Choice Voting and any changes that undermine elections or compromise their results.

The Scottish celebrate the New Year with a special wish to friends and family, “Lang may yer lum reek.” Translated, Long may your chimney smoke.

In other words, we wish you continued personal prosperity and success, visible to all. At MFE, PIME, and the Election Integrity Network, our logs are piled up, and we are ready to get those chimneys smoking. We look forward to working with you to make 2023 THE YEAR OF ELECTION INTEGRITY. Happy New Year to you and yours as we look forward to a 2023 full of good cheer, great partnerships, election integrity success, and the liberty that comes with free and fair elections. Best,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

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