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CALLS TO ACTION: Secure the tapes and your creds. Join Task Force meeting tomorrow: Zoom at Noon


Yesterday, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips were jailed for refusing to name their confidential source. May they serve as models for us to test our metal.

This time next week the midterm elections will be behind us. We will either feel like dancing or our hearts will ache. Let us not leave ourselves vulnerable to regret.

Each day for the next six days, we owe it to ourselves and our children, to our friends and this big, beautiful country of ours to do all we can do to ensure a fair election.

Whether you plan to work as an election inspector or pass out materials 100 feet from a polling place on Nov. 8, please join us tomorrow, Nov. 3, for our Zoom at Noon. Learn the latest news on the all-important Manhattan Project to Defeat the Deceit of Proposal 2. See what others are doing and what you can do on this final lap.

Join us as our beloved Patrick Colbeck discusses a simple way we can help with his ambitious project to secure the tabulator tapes from every precinct--He needs our helping hands. Click this button to read more.

Since last week, county teams have appeared at their county commissioner meetings, pushing to ban Zuckerbucks. They've purchased yard signs from their own pockets and door knocked to educate their neighbors on the treacherous Proposal 2. They've worked late into the night to help their election integrity candidates campaign.

Now, thanks in large part to citizen efforts, the polls show many of the races are neck and neck. One final push, and we'll cross the finish line in the lead. Zoom at Noon will tell us what we need to know and where we need to focus. To download tomorrow's agenda, click here.

Sign up for a Master class in election integrity

Check out the agenda for tomorrow's Zoom at Noon, November 3.

Thank you for your tireless efforts. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and for victory in stopping Prop 2 next Tuesday.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

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