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One hour to Zoom at Noon TODAY


You are invited to join us today, March 2 for MFE's weekly Zoom at Noon. You won't want to miss Patty McMurray of 100PercentFedUp and Becky Behrends as they update us on the latest news. Learn firsthand what Michigan county task forces are accomplishing...from investigating to litigating and testifying at House hearings. Together the coalition is changing the playing field in order to reform our state elections to be fair and honest.

See how you can take action to restore integrity to Michigan's elections. Register below.

REMINDER: The MFE coalition operates under 501 (c)3 non-profit guidelines. These prohibit us from any overt political or candidate-related speech and applies to any comments made on the call or in the chat. Election integrity only, please. Thank you for understanding.

For election integrity,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

Members only.

Sorry no press.

Put this QR Code on your PIME or MFE business cards, stickers and flyers.

A simple point of the phone camera, and folks who want election integrity can go directly to our volunteer sign up area. Thank you to Margie, MFE's leaders' leader.

News & Views:


House elections committee considers election security bills

Michigan Radio

Michigan lawmakers hear proposal to ban guns at polling locations



Turley: Covid Lab Leak a Scandal of Media and Government Censorship

New Voting Bills Would Allow Ranked Choice System; Prisoners and 16-year-olds to Vote

Yankee Institute

Georgia panel approves bill to restrict 'Zuckerbucks' elections money

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cleveland: Here's Who Wove the Censorship Complex's Tangled Web

Stewart: American Consumers Are Being Stretched to Their Limit

Weiss: What Happens When Cheating Becomes the Norm?

You are invited to PIME's monthly meeting March 11:

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