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Reminder: Zoom at Noon

Dear friend, Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

--Dwight Eisenhour

The left worked its plan under cover of COVID and took us by surprise in 2020. Not going to happen this time around. We stand on the brink of delivering major victories for election integrity next Tuesday, due in large part to the hard work of local citizens like you. Thank you.

Now, it's important to join us as we plan our final push into November 8. Don’t miss today’s Zoom at Noon.

Arm yourself with the information and resources we need to cross the finish line ahead of our opponents. Election integrity candidates are tied and gaining momentum as they address pressing issues like out-of-control government, skyrocketing inflation, climbing interest rates, the border invasion, foreign influence on our elections, diesel fuel and supply-chain shortages, and war-mongering.

But voters are waking up all too slowly to the rot of Proposal 2.

Make no mistake: A loss on Prop 2 means a win for those relentless few and their useful idiots trying to fundamentally transform this republic into a mob-ruled, propaganda-driven totalitarian state.

Breaking news: Giant steps forward

1. Our HAVA complaint, filed by Erick Kaardal, special counsel to the Thomas More Society, has a hearing date, Dec. 13. Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and Patrice Johnson argue that SOS Benson violated federal law when she handed Michigan voters' private and personal information over to third-party, Soros-funded ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center. Hearing Notice below. More on this during our Zoom at Noon.

2. As you are probably aware, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has a suit progressing against the Michigan SOS Benson for refusing to delete 26,000 dead people from Mich. voter rolls. This clip below from Just the News indicates its President, J. Christian Adams, has taken a strong position on citizenship checks. Verifying citizenship, he says, must be our #1 priority. You and the MFE Coalition are having an impact!

3. As the video below shows, Phill Kline of the Amistad Project has taken up PIME supporter Louis Avallone's argument that SOS Benson is in violation of state law when she instructs clerks to mark ballots with mismatched stub numbers as challenged and then to count them. THE BALLOT MAILED MUST MATCH THE BALLOT RETURNED OR IT SHOULD BE REJECTED. It’s the law, Ms. Benson.

4. Also, Phil O'Halloran and lawyer Ann Howard are charging SOS Benson with contempt of court for refusing a judge's order to change out her illegal elections manual with legal instructions. Instead of swapping out the 27-page manual for an accurate one, she's filed more than 460 pages to resist doing what the law requires.

Hope to see you at noon.

For election integrity in Michigan,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

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