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Where we go from here. Don't miss tomorrow's MFE/PIME meeting. In person. Important.

We're all reverberating from the incongruous outcome of Tuesday's election. Join Patrick Colbeck, Gina Johnsen, Norm Shinkle, Andy of Verity Vote, and Bill Richardson for panel discussion, "Where We Go from Here."

Share your election experiences. Hear first-hand recommendations for ways to restore integrity to Michigan elections.

Where and when: 5 PM on November 12 at the Stockbridge Activity Center, 305 W. Elizabeth St., Stockbridge. Parking in rear or front.

Potluck comfort food. Camraderie. Good people.

Smart actions speak louder than words. Hope to see you there!


Patrice Johnson, Chair

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson

Election Analyses of Note:

November 9, 2022 | Sundance

As the political discussion centers on the 2022 wins and losses from the midterm election, one thing that stands out in similarity to the 2020 general election is the difference between ballots and votes. It appears in some states this is the ‘new normal.’

A vote cannot be cast by a person who is no longer alive, or no longer lives in the area. However, a ballot can be sent, completed and returned regardless of the status of the initially attributed and/or registered individual.

The controversial 2020 election showed the result of making ‘ballots’ the strategy for electoral success. Under the justification of COVID-19 mitigation, mail-in ballots took center stage. Ballot harvesting by Democrat operations was one term for the outcome.

Democrats in a general sense are less focused on winning votes and more focused on gathering ballots.

No bias to see here

"We have seen so many first-time they definitely need that extra guidance, and we're here to do that."

Not our fault, claims Michigan Republican Party

'Wokeness Hits New High from the Founders Freedom Forum:

Wokeness: The movement to destroy Western Judeo/Christian culture. A copy of the Communist effort in China to destroy the millennium-old Chinese culture with the goal of imposing government tyranny and totalitarian control. The ends justify the means. Recommended reading: Saul Alinski's Rules for Radicals.

Hope to see you there.tion's readers as, "Are voters in Michigan evil or stupid?"

"Well, I am on the board of a church that is working on the first problem," replied Gene, editor of the organization's newsletter, "and we at Founders Freedom Forum are working to educate and help fix the second problem."

One of Gene's friends worked the polls in Oakland County. "She worked with a Democrat worker transcribing overseas ballots. Through several hours when she brought up things such as 'Hunter's Laptop' or the film '2000 Mules' her co-worker had no knowledge of those and other things that cause us to see the world differently than folks like he did. He was a nice guy, just ill informed. Hence our mission."

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