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Can Michigan Clerks Save the Voter Rolls?

Updated: Jun 28

By Randy Schiffer | June 26, 2024

Michigan clerks are proud of the job they do in conducting fair and honest elections. These clerks can make a real difference. Between the information that canvass volunteers give to the clerks and the clerks’ desire to have clean rolls, Michigan’s voter rolls can be corrected. When voter rolls are clean, no one needs to be concerned about fake ghost voters casting votes in upcoming elections. Remember: for each fake ghost voter ballot cast, it deprives one honest ballot from being counted. That is how elections are labelled unfair!

For what may be the first time in Michigan's history, an actual Michigan County Sheriff named Dar Leaf has implicated the Michigan Secretary of State and the Michigan Director of Elections in court for obstructing justice by impeding his investigation into Michigan election fraud. (See Sheriff Dar Leaf announces investigation into Michigan 2020 election.)

This lawsuit was dismissed, but not on the merits. In other words, the court was never able to consider the main issue: Was justice obstructed in the 2020 election?

There was no lawsuit filed with these facts, but there was a police investigation that even involved the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Around 8,000 to 10,000 registrations were delivered to a clerk in Muskegon in October 2020, and many of those registrations were suspected fraudulent . There have been no prosecutions yet, and Michigan legislators have written to the FBI demanding that this case be investigated. (see: Hear No Evil, See No Evil (, and

A legal group, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, PILF, found approximately 26,000 deceased voters on the Michigan voter registration rolls and filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Benson to have these registrations removed. Why is such a drastic action necessary to remove deceased voters from the official voter rolls? Shouldn’t SOS Benson be proactively doing her job to assert election integrity in Michigan? (See: and

As recently as May 2024, careful data analysis of the official Michigan election data has revealed over 320,000 suspected ghost voter registrations are still on the rolls. (See: 320,000 ghost voters identified in the must-win state of MI)

Could there be a conflict of interest in the guidance being given to Michigan clerks from the current Secretary of State's office? Michigan laws MCL 168.509dd and MCL 168.521 provide a fully legal avenue for Michigan clerks to remove false voter registrations from the rolls in their jurisdiction, in full compliance with the law. If the laws the Secretary of State uses to guide clerks to keep voters on the rolls conflict with MCL 168.509dd and MCL 168.521, the SOS can request guidance from the AG’s office for clarity on the laws.

In the interim, Michigan’s clerks who are elected by the people of their city, village, town, or township, report to their constituents. We the People elect the clerks who run the elections, and We the People want only one vote cast for each legal voter, and only one vote counted for each legal voter per election.

Clerks can employ the full authority they have to remove false voter registrations from the rolls, so that no Michigan voter will be disenfranchised in the upcoming 2024 election. The eyes of We the People are on the clerks making sure they do their jobs, the boots of We the People are on the ground pounding the pavement to assist the clerks in cleaning the voter rolls, and the hands of We the People are on the ballots voting – even for the clerks.

Michigan Fair Elections is thankful for the work that Michigan clerks do. Michigan Fair Elections understands that Michigan clerks can help to ensure election integrity by fully complying with Michigan election law. Michigan Fair Elections supports Michigan clerks who act with integrity to uphold the law and represent their local constituents.

Michigan clerks and everyone can go to, create an account, and filter suspected ghost voter registrations in their local jurisdictions.

Actions ensure fair, honest and transparent elections, not words. 


Randy Schiffer is an electrical engineer, a USAF veteran and an election integrity advocate with a focus on Michigan. He has studied election irregularities extensively with a focus on Michigan for three-plus years and has worked with a number of election integrity groups, including Check My Vote and Michigan Fair Elections. GETTR: @RandySchiffer | Truth Social: @RandySchiffer | Twitter / X: @RandySchiffer


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