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New Release: Three hours to Zoom at Noon


Today MFE and PIME are releasing a report examining several ways the City of Ann Arbor violated state and federal election laws during last Fall's election. Ann Arbor Compromises Election Integrity during 2022 Election examines the results of seven months' investigation by talented citizen volunteers, led by MFE's Vice Chair Bill Richardson.

The Federalist author Shawn Fleetwood reported on the findings here: New Report Alleges Ann Arbor Violated Michigan Election Laws During 2022 Midterms. The Federalist also published the entire report.

We encourage you to read and share both the report and The Federalist article.

Join MFE's Zoom at Noon today.

The Michigan Legislature is using Proposal 2's passage in 2022 as an excuse to ram through bills that go far beyond what the proposal called for. Nine days of early voting? Let's make it 29, they say. Let's entice voters to give the government their personal emails and phone numbers, and then let's share that protected, private information of our constituents, and their underaged children, with undisclosed third parties.

See what patriots have accomplished to make a change in Troy.

Litigation? Learn how MFE is protecting citizens' constitutional rights as work with the Thomas More Society, Tim Vetter has news on Soles to the Rolls. Rosemary Tanner will inform us on the laws we need to know in order to protect vulnerable voters. Janine Iyer is rolling out training to help clerks use Check My Vote to find the truth about dead, ineligible, and duplicate voters bloating the rolls.

Learn what you can do to make a difference. Take action.

Register to attend Zoom at Noon here. Members welcome. Sorry, no press.

Also, be sure to watch the short 5 to 7 minute Master Classes in Election Integrity.

For integrity in Michigan elections,

Patrice Johnson, Chair

Mark Your Calendar:

"Election Integrity Policy: Local. State. National." You can make a difference. Mark your calendars to come hear Tammy Clark. Pure Integrity Michigan Elections meeting 5 p.m., July 15 in Stockbridge.

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